Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Snowing!

People who say they "love" the snow don't have to live in it. This is my newest conclusion about the snow. It started snowing today much to my shagrin. The boys did get a kick out of it though. They kept saying "It's snow it's snow it's snow". I'm just bummed. I hate it. It's wet and cold and it means we can't play outside. Oh well.

So everyday when I get dressed I put the boys on my bed to play with their toys and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Grant was cracking me up today. He had his Mickey ears on with his sunglasses and his Mickey book and, ofcourse, his net.

Recently in the Beck house we've been trying to eat together as a family. The boys are old enough now that they will eat what we eat and at the same time as us. It's been really nice.

Jeff helping Reed taste some of his yummy food.

This video cracks me up. The only song on their Raffi CD that they love is Baby Beluga. The other morning Grant was singing so loud we could hear him in his room. It was too funny. Here's my little tone deaf Grant.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Attention Shoppers

Not much to report this week. Grant had a sinus infection before my sister got here last weekend and now Reed has one too. I've been getting up in the middle of the night to help keep him medicated so Mommy's a little tired this week. Jeff took Reed to the store and he got to push his own cart. He was soooooooo excited.
We got some family pictures done today at historic Wheeler Farms. We had a great time and can't wait to see the proofs. Stay tuned.......

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scarecrow Fest with Kristen and Alexa

It was a really fun week/weekend with my sister Kristen and my niece Alexa visiting from San Diego. We started the week with our normal stuff and Reed has decided that his baby Elmo needs to come every where with us.

On Thursday before Kristen got here we went to the health department and got our H1N1 flu shots. Afterwards we were a little sad so I promissed to get them some fries. (Grant)

Mr. Archie Dog loves it when we get fries. He is kindly asking Grant to share.

We had a blast with Kris and Lexa. We went shopping while the boys took their nap and went to build a bear workshop. Alexa got a bunny and some cute outfits for her.

After the boys' nap we went to the scarecrow fest in Thanksgiving point and saw the barnyard boo. They had animals to look at and feed and they had face painting, pony rides, and games.

The big pumpkin that we all took pictures around.

Mr. Reed Michael on his first ever pony ride. What a happy smile.

My guys on their ponies. They had such a blast.

We also got to enjoy some kettle corn for snack.

Yummy Kettle Corn.

We also took a horse-drawn wagon ride. It was so fun to see the look on the boys' faces while we rode (all the boys including Jeff)

Feeding the cows was one of the highlights. Jeff kept getting hay for them to eat and they cows kept licking the boys.

Big Cows
Cute cousins sitting next to the pumpkins.

Totally random tree at the elementary school by the house. The beautiful leaves are one perk of the impending winter cold. We never had anything like this in San Diego growing up so it still a novelty for me. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fun With Julia

BRRRRRRR, it's getting cold outside. The boys and I usually play outside in the mornings for a few minutes and it's been getting colder. Here's our cute neighbor "baby Ava" playing with us. She's all warm in her cute snow outfit.

The boys have gotten really into playing catch together. So cute.

Reed's turn to throw.

Jeff and I found this AMAZING park near our house. The best part of it is that the boys can do the whole thing without any help at all. (Reed)

They have a "big slide" that Grant can do all by himself.

Reed was so cute the other morning. He decided that he needed to wear Jeff's socks. He was putting them on over his jammies. Too cute.

Julia came to visit us on Monday and we had a blast. We went to the mall and did some shopping (ofcourse) and on the way back Reed made us laugh with his glasses. He was just sitting there like there was nothing funny about his glasses.

The next day we went to Gardener Village to see the witches. They have these super cool witches all over and you can just walk around and look for them. Julia with the boys.

We went with our good friend Krystal and her kiddos. Here are the boys with Brianna.

The only way we could get Grant near this witch in the seat was to have Julia sit there first.

On Friday we went downtown to Bruges Waffles and Frites. Since Julia's return from Europe, she has been very very interested in the Belgian culture. ;) So we heard a commercial for waffles and fries and went downtown to enjoy.

Reed by the sign.

Julia and Reed eating fries. These two dishes aren't meant to be eaten together, but we are Dronenburg's and when we go to do something we do it all the way. Mainly we didn't want to come all the way back downtown so we had waffles first (like a dessert) and then fries as a chaser.

Yummy fries.

On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch.
The boys didn't want to pose. They only wanted to pick out the perfect pumpkin.
Jeff helping them find the perfect one.

Grant kept looking for little pumpkins but the only little ones he could find were rotten.
He kept bringing them over and putting them in and Julia and I would toss them out as soon as he truned around to get another.

Reed was too cute. He would go next to a big one and say "too heavy".

My guys with their pumpkin haul. Going to pay for them. It was a beautiful day.

Mr. Archie dog has gotten very good with the boys. He even sits by them to be pet. Grant watching Mickey and petting his dog.

Grant using the ladder, Reed doing the slide all by himself.

Grant slides down.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dude looks like a Lady

The boys have recently become very interested (obsessed) with my shoes. They love to go into my closet and try on all my shoes. Then Reed decided he needed to wear them around.

These bronze ones don't match his jammies that well. He looks better in my black leather pumps.

And since we live the line "monkey see monkey do" Grant also decided he needed to wear my shoes around. I don't mind though because now I have pictures to show at high school graduation, their weddings, and any other important life events.

I know the picture quality on this is terrible, but the story is sooooooo funny. I went to get dinner last Friday night and Jeff was in charge of making sure the babies went to sleep. They had on their new "mickey" jammies and were tucked in. Apparently the zipper is easy to open and Jeff went into check on them and found Grant like this. So being a good daddy he took an picture and sent it to me with the title "Look what I found"

The boys also recently discovered that they can get in and out of the tub without help. I couldn't find them the other day but could hear them jumpping and screeching. I found them in the tub just having a great time. Thankfully no one had the idea to turn the water on. (yet)