Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2K10!!

On Friday before Halloween we went to the boys' school for their halloween parade. (Grant the Monkey)

Here's Reed in his class behind Mario.

Grant's Class under the halloween arch.

Grant's Class again.

Then it was off to the lake for halloween weekend. We had Jeff's WHOLE family up for the weekend to take family portraits. The boys got to love on baby Ian. (video at the bottom)

We also spent some time carving pumpkins. By "we" I mean Jeff and Aunt Karen.

Those kiddos hard at work on their pumpkins.

Grant kept trying to scoop the insides back INTO the pumpkin.

Reed would say "Ewww, yuck" when he got it on his fingers.

Great Grandpa Jess came out to watch for a few minutes.

Reed and his Jack-o-Lantern

Grant and his fun Jack-o-lantern.

My guys

Back home on Sunday night we got ready to go trick or treating and to have lots of kids come to our house too. When the first ones rang the bell the boys didn't know what to do. It was really cute. :)

Reed all ready to go.

My monkeys (Grant left Reed Right)

All set (Grant Left Reed Right)

Our good friends the Bunton's came over to go with us. Natalie is a friend of mine from high school. She brought her little guy William and her little girl Allie. Here's Reed with William.

Jeff stayed behind to hand out candy.

Natalie brought glow in the dark necklaces for us to wear. Safety first

Allie the cat and Reed ready to go.

We had a blast. Can't wait for next year.