Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Walking Weather

The weather has been warm enough to go out without our snowsuits. So, we've been out walking the dog. It's so nice to get out after such a long winter. Reed loves to wear his snow hat. He is such a big boy in his stroller.
Jeff and I remeber when he hardly fit in the seat with lots of blankets. Now his feet almost touch the foot rest. They are getting so big!!

Legs Up!

The boys love to have thier feet up. They have discovered them and love hanging onto them. It's fun to watch them try and get ahold of their feet when they have pants on. :) (Reed above)

My little TV watchers love to grab their feet while they watch baby Einstien. Grant's in the blue.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Day in the Life

The boys are getting to be quite a handful. They are so active and really starting to wear me out. Reed loves to play in his exersaucer thankfully. These toys get more of a beating each day than they deserve.

Since we only have one exersaucer, the other brother is usually in the car/walker. I fear the day it becomes mobile. Grant can't get it moving yet, but Reed can (when it's on the kitchen hard wood floors). Watch out Archie!

I got the boys some "crocs" from the store the other day. Jeff and I cannot believe how funny the babies look in shoes. They help give Reed a little traction for the walker. He can only go in reverse though. We pull him deep into the kitchen so that he can reverse himself all the way out. :)

The boys have been eating a lot of prunes and cereal. Reed cannot seem to keep his hands out of his mouth when he is eating. This leads to rubbing prunes all over his face. By the end of the whole thing, he needs a bath.

Grant has decided that he likes to be held...all the time. If he is not being held, then he is screaming. So, we have learned to love the baby bjorn. Jeff is making a screwdriver while holding Grant. Aren't my guys cute?

My friend Katrina and I took the boys out to Pei Wei to eat. It was only their second time to out to dinner. Last time they slept the whole time. This time they sat in the highchairs like big boys and played with their toys. I am so proud. (Grant above, Reed and Katrina below)

We love our Katrina. We prefer not to go anywhere without her. She's the best and such a help with these two yahoos.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cereal Time

We got clearence from the doctor to give the boys some rice cereal. Grant doesn't care for the texture or the taste. He gets angry when we try and give him some. :)

Our chubby bunny Reed loves to try some cereal. He thinks it's so yummy; especially now that I mix it with yummy juice instead of formula.

We will get Grant onboard soon. Hopefully, he will like other foods better than cereal.

It's picture time!

We had the boys portrait taken this weekend. What an adventure. This picture still cracks me up. They insisted on doing this pose even though Reed (one the right) was not happy with it.

This one is my favorite from the session. We were only able to get about 5 good pictures before it was too much for them to handle. But, that's ok because we will be back in a few months for their 1 year pictures. I can't believe they are 7 months old!