Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Auntie Katrina sent the boys some cool stuff the other day in a package. Brian got them so cool "hard hats" from his work (Vulcan) and the boys loved them. (Grant)

Reed just kept walking around saying "hard hat" eventhough they wasn't much hard to the hard hats.

Our cute neighbors across the street got a cool Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airplane toy. You can sit on it and ride around (like a bike) or you can push it. So the boys kept taking turns pushing each other on it. Too cute.

They have also discovered their Mickey Mouse Ears that Auntie Kristin and Riley got them from Disneyland. They love to sit and watch Mickey and look like him too. We kept telling them "oh you look like Mickey" and they would say "look like Mickey".

I've been trying to capture the boys counting on video. They really can do it! I just can't seem to get it on tape. Here's Grant's attempt. Reed just kept saying "no" when I asked him to do it. IF you listen carefully you can hear him do it. It's not really clear but he's doing it.

Just a cute video of them talking. Grant names all the characters in his Mickey Mouse book. Reed has some interesting things to say about Professor VanDrake. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emma's Party

The boys got invited to a birthday party over the weekend. Our neighbor's little girl turned 4 and had a party at "Bouncin off the Walls". It's really similar to Jumpin Jacks and Pump it Up. Tons of things for the kiddos to jump and play on. (Reed in the bounce house).

He had a lot of fun going in and out too. It was so much now that they can do more stuff alone.

One of the things was a big blown up field with hoops on the end and some basketballs. They are just obsessed with basketballs.

The best part of the party was that Jeff was able to come with us and play too.

They also had a huge two story slide that we all went down too. Grant my little daredevil was eager to down the slide all by himself.

At the bottom. Ready to go again.

Reed was a little more reluctant to go without an escort. Jeff kind of gave him a push and he cried all the way down. :) The next time we climbed up he held on so tightly to Jeff's shirt. There was no way he was going alone again.

We had to go to Lowe's to pick up a few things for the house. The boys saw the lawn mowers and wanted to "drive car" (Reed)

Grant kept saying "Drive car, cut grass".

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 09

The official end of summer is here. What a bummer. I love summer and all the outdoor fun. The boys and I got ready for our Labor Day Weekend visitors by getting the car washed. For some reason unknown to me, Reed HATES the carwash. As soon as we pull up to the line he starts crying. I have no idea why. I know it's cruel, but it's really funny. Here's a video of poor Reed's torment in the terrible carwash.

Jeff's aunt Karen, uncle Billy-Joe, their kids, Cody, Zack, and Henry, came down for Labor Day weekend. We had a blast. Karen and I got to sneak off to Swiss days in Midway. It was the coolest. Billy and Cody were nice enough to watch all the little ones. Here are Zack (top left) and Henry (bottom right) eating with the boys.

We went to the park with Karen and the kids. As Reed calls it "the big park". Grant LOVES to swing.

Reed is more of a slide guy.

It was fun to see how much they enjoy it now that they are soooooo mobile.

They have even got the hang of the horses. Reed can really make this thing rock. I'll try and get a video next time.

After Karen left on Monday we went to the gro-store for some dinner stuff and got the boys a balloon. They came down with a little cold on Monday and needed some cheering up. Nothing like a balloon to lighten our moods.
So Grant (and now Reed too) have this terrible cold with bad runny noses and gross eyes. Reed didn't seem to have it as bad as Grant. So Grant has been doing a lot of extra sleeping. Reed got to eat lunch with just mommy and had some funny things to say. It always strikes me how different it is to have just ONE baby to deal with and entertain. Reed love his "peanut butter sandwich".

Poor Grant just looked so bad. We ended up taking him into the doctor and getting him some eye drops. They were just oozing.

Poor baby would wake up with them crusted shut. The good news is that when Reed started developing the same problem we only had to call in the drops and pick them up. Hopefully we'll be better soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still Soaking Up the Sun

We are all starting to get a little sad as we feel the close of summer coming quickly. We spent last weekend enjoying as much as we could before it's too cold to do anything outside. Jeff filled up the boys' pool from Grandpa and Grangie and we soaked up the sun. (Grant and Daddy getting dry)

One of our favorite friends, Riley Jean Frankwick, sent the boys a super cool firetruck for their birthday. It's the coolest thing EVER!

I love it because it folds up like a sunshade when we are done playing with it. The boys love to run in and out and play peek a boo with it too. (Reed driving)

They have so much fun with it. We know how handy this is going to be this winter. We'll be able to pop it up in the living room, burn some energy, and fold it aways. Thanks Kristin and Riley!

We've been working really hard on using our forks and spoons. The boys have been getting a little bored with the regular waffle for breakfast every morning so we decided to try some ceral with milk. I know this seems uneventful to most, but for us it's a big step in the right direction. (Grant using his spoon like a big boy)

Reed doing great with that spoon!

I got some cookies at the store the other day for a friend. I ran upstairs to plug in my ipod and kept hearing "more cookies, more cookies". I assumed they wanted me to get them another little bite of a cookie. Wrong-o Bong-o. They were letting me know that they had helped themselves to the cookies.

It was a huge mess because of all the sprinkles and crumbs, but they sure did enjoy them. (Reed)