Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy busy bees...

Wow!! We've been busy!! Right before the boys started school I took them to the zoo for one last mommy and me type of day. They LOVE this place!!

Grant's new obsession is the map. He can't read it at all but he loves to hold it and look at it.

He looks like a mini tourist.

The next day we had "meet the teacher" at their school. The boys were so excited to go to school and then come home with me when we were done.

The next day it was off to school. The boys go MWF from 9-1. Mommy loves it and I think they like it too. :)

The boys are in separate classes to help foster individuality. Here's Reed by his hook outside his class (the bee class).

And here's my Grant man next to his hook.

The boys read "The Kissing Hand" (one of my personal teacher favorites for the 1st day) and drew a hand with a heart in it. We love school so far!

We have been lonely lately!! Grandpa and Grangie are in Australia!! Michael has been stationed in PNG and recently got to spend some time in Brisbane. So Anne got to go over and spend three weeks with him. We have our Grangie back now but we still really really miss Grandpa. He'll be home soon and we can't wait!!

Grangie brought some pics home with her of the things they did. The boys LOVED seeing them with the animals. Michael with the kangaroo.

They're so much small than I thought.

They look so sweet!! Wish would could have been there!!

What a sweet buddy.

Stateside we have been hosting an animal of a different nature. WE have been lucky enough to host Bevo the guinea pig. He belongs to Reed's class and needs weekend homes. SO we got to bring him home with us.

He's a very sweet boy and was no trouble. Reed was so excited about Bevo coming home he told Ms. Eileen 3 times on Friday that Bevo was coming home to his house.

Aunt Lacey is brave enough to pick him up (I'm not) and let the boys pet him.

They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The next day we went to a birthday party for our friends Lauren and Ashlyn Cole. They had so much cool stuff including a petting zoo complete with pony rides!! Go Reed!!
Grant loved his turn too!!

The petting zoo was filled with fun animals.

A llama.

A cute baby pig.

A brand new baby calf and many more. They were just in heaven.

There were also some other special guests.

This was the only way that Reed would get close to cookie monster. He loved Elmo but wouldn't go near cookie monster unless we held him.

We also got to see the other Cole family (Emily, Mike, Carter, and Ava). Ava is just about 6 months older than the boys. It was so much fun to hang at the party with them.

Inside the tent with the food. Aunt Lacey brought Ian. (in her belly)

The food was dee-lish and the decorations were amazing.

All the yummy cupcakes. WE may have sampled all of them. The green Oscar the grouch ones were my fav.

Singing happy birthday to the twins.

Reed chose an Elmo cupcake.

So did Grant. What a blast. Thanks again Cole family. It was wonderful!