Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Sweet

The boys are getting better about sharing. They love to sit on the floor and pull toys out of the bucket. Poor Grant spilled milk all over his outfit so he had to play in his diaper while it was being washed. The only problem is that they usually want the same toy.

The boys are really into touching each other. The only problem is that they tend to be a little rough. During dinner last night they were being so sweet and laughing and smiling at one another. If only they would always be this nice. (Reed in Red)

Where did it go?

The boys are getting really good at feeding themselves. Poor Reed couldn't find his little cereal puff.

Carrots stain everything. We only eat them in our diaper.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Babies!

My good friend Alecia came to visit us from Texas. She was out here visiting her grandmother and we got to spend the afternoon with her and her mom. It was such a treat. They brought the boys some "super" cute pjs. Introducing super Reed and Batman Grant.

The boys felt unstoppable in these super outfits. (complete with detachable cape)

Attention Shoppers

It's getting harder for me to shop with the boys. Now that they are in their big boy carseats I can't take them inside in their infant seats. SO, I have been putting one in the cart and one on me in the baby bjorn. It's getting hard to do it because they are almost 20 pounds. Now that Grant sits as well as Reed I thought I would try this.

It was tough at first, but I think they got used to it. Reed likes to give Grant kisses on his head.

It worked great until they started to fight. I had to seperate them, but it's still a better way to shop.

Mother's Day

We have had really nice weather here in Salt Lake. It's been near record highs for us with lots of sun. The days are warm but it's still very cool in the late afternoon and night. We spent mother's day in the backyard. Jeff did some grilling for our mother's day fiesta. I really enjoyed sitting with the boys while they played.

They are getting to be such big boys. They will sit happily and play for awhile. They prefer sitting to playing in their walker or exersaucer. (Reed Left, Grant Right)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

March for Babies!

Recently we did the March for Babies. It's a 5k put on by the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes does wonderful things for premature babies. They fund research for the prevention and treatment of premature babies. Now that we are the parents of Preemies, we are more than willing to walk in support of the March for Dimes. Here are Jeff and I with the boys getting ready to march.

We found out about the race from our NICU friends. On the far right is Jonah and his mom Melanie. Next to her is Whit and his mom Lori. Then Katrina and I have the boys. These boys all started the NICU journey together. These ladies have been wonderful. They have been so supportive during our journey. This is our little NICU family. You would never believe how little these babies started.

Katrina and I getting ready to race.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reed Sits Grant Screams

I figured out how to upload videos (and record with my camera). Here is Reed sitting and you can hear Grant Screeching in the background.

And so it begins...

It has started. They are fighting over toys. Yesterday at Costco the boys wanted the same toy. It didn't matter who had it first, or what it was, they both wanted it. Reed wanted this toy and he didn't care that Grant had it. He also didn't care that he had his own toy.

He was determined to take this one from Grant.

Back at home we have learned that Grant is an excellent walker. He can get all around the kitchen in his walker. Yesterday I heard a big thump and came to find that he had dumped over the trash can. He also really likes to chase the dogs. It's starting already. They are becoming mobile.

We're having a heat wave

The weather has been really nice lately. So nice that the boys got to wear shorts for the first time. They looked so cute in their shorts with their crocs.

Reed likes to chew on his crocs.

Big boys wear shorts and surfer shirts. (Grant)

Reed is Trouble!!

Reed has figured out how to get out of his bouncey seat. Yesterday I came in from the kitchen and he was on his stomach with the seat strapped to his back. He can lift himself up and over the edge using the toy bar. No more toy bar for Reed, so sad.

On another note, he is getting really good at sitting up like a big boy.

He can do it for like 10 minutes, if he wants to.

Grant's Big Too!

Now both the boys are in their big boy seats. Grant loves to look out the window. They have also figured out how to bang their toys against the window.