Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

The boys turned 1 today!! It's hard to believe it. We can't believe how far we have come in the past year.

Jeff and I started to think back to a year ago and remembering how little they started. Only 2 pounds each. We never thought we would make it to this!!

What a blessing!! They have so far been without any complications from arriving 2 months early.
So today we celebrated their birth and their journey so far. We loved these little guys so much and thank everyone for their love and support over the last year. (Grant)
We did it. :)

Big Boys Face Forward

The boys turned 1 today and got to turn around in their carseats. They were so excited.

Here they are ready to go on the town in their new forward facing seats.

Great Gandma Lu

After we went to the Lake we went through Brenham to see Great Grandma Lu. She was so happy to see the boys. Here she is with Reed at lunch. We had such a nice time visiting her and hope her move goes smoothly.

Grant's Lollipop

We went to the Galleria for a few hours and Grant got a lollipop from the store. He loved it and would not put it down. :)

It was his first time having one and he seemed like a pro. He does take after his mom after all.

Lake Livingston Here we come!!

We took the boys out on the lake for the very first time. Quite a big deal in the Beck house. Here is Grant with his Grangie getting ready to go out on the water.

Uncle Whitney made sure that Reed was all ready to go in his life vest.
Aunt Lacey held Reed while we motored out to the open water.

Grant is ready to get in the lake water.

The water was so warm and the boys had such a good time. They floated around in the firetruck floats that they got for their birthday. We had such a great time. Now we get to do it all again when daddy comes (Jeff) in a week.

Swimmers Ready!!

After a long flight we finally made it to Texas. As soon as we could, we got the babies in the pool at the lake. Here are my little swimmers ready to go in the big pool. (Reed left Grant right)

Grangie and Grant swimming in the baby pool. They love to swim and kick.
Aunt Lacey took good care of Reed in the baby pool.
My little swimmers.
Grant was so tired from swimming that he feel right asleep in his auntie's arms.


We got the boys some new buggy cars for their birthday. They loved them. Here's Grant showing off his driving skills.

Here are the boys about to go on a walk in their new cars with their new hats.

They also got a new little pool and new swimsuits for their birthday. What big boys (Reed is on the left)

They liked the water but kept taking off their hats. They are such good little swimmers.

Birthday Party

The boys' official birthday isn't until June 24th, but we decided to have a little party for them before we left for Texas. So on the 14th we had a party. Reed really liked the frosting.

We invited some of their NICU friedns like Jonah and baby Whitt.

We sang happy Birthday and Grant really wanted his cake.

Katrina was a big help in making sure the boys had their cake.

Grant Finished all his cake.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neonatal Clinic

We went to Neonatal follow up clinic on Monday. The boys got a clean bill of health from all the specialist, including neurology!! Looks like we have some normal healthy boys inspite of it all. The boys were so good during the 4 hours of evaluations. They got tired and fell asleep only to be woken up to have their eyes dialated. Everyone thought it was funny that they feel asleep in the same position.

The nutritionist cleared the boys to have people food, not just babyfood. We had mac and cheese for lunch yesterday. Reed wasn't so sure about it. He kind of ate half and spit out half.

My big food eater, Grant, took to it right away. He loves Mac n Cheese.

Grant wanted more. Then later I found about half of it in his seat. I guess those noodles are slippery.

A boy and his Dog

Grant has a new best friend. Archie has taken a liking to Grant. He came in the room and sat right down in front of Grant to get special pets from Grant. Grant is not always sweet with his pets, but he's working on it. Archie loves the attention no matter how rough. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Grandpa's Visit

My dad and Marilyn came into town last weekend for some fun. We had such a good time with them. We went to the Botanical Gardens in Thanksgiving Point. The weather was just beautiful. We walked all around and the boys really enjoyed the view from their stroller.

We went out to dinner and lunch several times with the babies. They did sooooo well. At dinner on Friday, they lost our order and we had to wait for almost 2 hours. The boys did great. As long as they had food to eat they were happy. (Grant and his cookies)

The waiter brought them some vanilla cookies to eat and they loved them. Here are dad and Marilyn with Reed.