Thursday, August 4, 2011

LaKe TaHoE 2011

This years trip to Lake Tahoe with my Dronenburg CREW was momentus in some ways. This was the first year we didn't fly with the carseats on board! The boys sat in the seats like big boys!!

Grant ready to fly out of Houston!! They were so good on both flights (we had to change planes in LA) and the flights home!

Our first night there we were in the hotel (not our condo) and the boys had a picnic lunch on the floor of our room. My cuties!

The day we arrived was a few days after Katherine's birthday. We were able to celebrate toghether!

It was also Jeff's actual birthday. The big 3-1!! Jeff really loves it when all the attention was on him (not really) and so he loved having the entire room sing to him. :) Love you J

After dinner we love to roast marshmellows around the fire pit. We have these GIANT roasters that are super fun.

The cousins

Grandpa Ernie was getting the chocolate and crackers ready for the roasted marshmellows.

Reed and his marshmellow face.

It's a hard life for the Beck family while in Lake Tahoe. We sit by the pool and sun ourselves. We swim in the 75 degree weather. We eat.

Katrina and Reed.

Love that Katrina comes with to help me with the boys (wink) she's just a part of the family now.

The view from our room.

Anders at the beach. He's gotten SO big!! Love you bear!

The frist few days the lake weather was so windy that the lake was full of big waves.

Reed was at not happy about taking a picture. :)

Family picture day happened while we were there. (Will post pics later) This is just a peek.

Each night we are there we have dinner as a big group. Ann and Marilyn cooking up a storm. It doesn't hurt that they are both gourmet cooks.

The head chef.

Katrina was in charge of silverware. :)

The kids eating together.

Anders being sequestered. He didn't understand that it wasn't play time.

Emmy and Lars served the kids some ice cream cones for dessert. YUM

Dad and Jeff.

Kris and Doug

Me and Katherine.

One of our favorite things about the Hotel are the Mochas we get from the regency club!! Delish

Dad and Emmy watched all the kids on Thursday night so all the adults could go out for a nice dinner. Kris, Doug, Katrina, Jeff and I went to Jake's on the Lake.

The food was delicious and the company was better!!

These hot chicks before dinner.

We never get to eat together so it was a really nice treat.

Note that it was cold enough for Jeff to be wearing a jacket!

Katrina and her "date".

These two potterheads were so excited that the last Harry Potter movie came out while we were together in Incline Village.

Some friends of Dad and Emmy took us on a short hike the morning of our last day.

The hike was perfect. The weather was great and the trail was flat and beautiful.

My hikers.

Jeff the hiker with the beautiful view of the lake in the background.

Katrina and Reed Michael.

Once back in the sauna that is Houston in July, we headed to our first movie with Grangie.

We had popcorn, candy, and drinks, to see Winnie the Pooh!!

We talked at length about being quiet and watching the movie in the dark theater.

The boys did great and the fact that the film run time was only 63 min. really helped!

Quick video of Jeff water skiing in Lake Tahoe. So proud of him considering the water was super cold.

4th of JuLy

After our wonderful week-long trip to the lake it was hard to come back to H-town. The boys got big boy bikes from Grandpa Ernie and Emmy for their birthday. It gave us something to do!!

Getting ready to ride.

Enjoying our helmets that came with the bikes. :)

Grangie and G-Pa got the boys some roller skates too.

They are the kind that fit over your's really really funny.

Reed quickly surmised that "roller skating" on grass was really easy.

Help from Daddy.

Reed's making it.

Go boys..

A few days later we went to Chuck E. Cheese with my friend Kristen and her 4 kiddos. Anything to entertain kids and beat the heat. We went through so many quarters..

Happy 4th!!! The boys in their patriotic clothes (that I made) and Kona in her matching bandana (that I made).

We also got to go up to Conroe and visit with the Cole clan. Emily was there with her two, and Jennifer was there (it was her lake house) with her twins. Love the 4th with friends.

Riding bikes

This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Grant was not happy that I was telling Reed that he was "skating" He kept yelling, "He's not skating, he's walking." It was so funny!!