Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall 2011

Fall has been super busy around the Beck House!! First up in September we had Lauren and Ashlyn's 3rd birthday party!!

It was at their lake house on Conroe and Dora paid a special visit!

Jeff with the lake behind him. It's super low right now and even lower since this pic.

The boys waiting for lunch and cake!

The fairy magician that performed cool tricks.

Jeff and I went out to celebrate the birthdays of these two lovely ladies. Happy birthday to Dawn and Melissa.

Jeff and I out with the couples for the celebration.

On to my next sewing project...capes for the boys.

Super Reed

So tough

The end of September brought Lacey's birthday!! The Big 3-0

We all celebrated with a lunch for ribs (including the dogs)

Some friends and I decided to run the Komen race for the cure!

I ran for my mom, my sister and my aunt.

The same day we drove up to the lake to celebrate Ian's 1st birthday!!



Ian the birthday boy and his favorite aunt Stephanie

All the dogs had to take a turn being "party animals" (Archie)

And I do...(Mia)


All of them. (Annie)

The next weekend we went up to do some serious lake time. We took all the dogs out with us. :)

Ready to go on the boat!

We missed you Grangie and G-Pa.

The lake is so low we have a huge beach to walk around at the island. So nice.

Lacey and I took Ian to the pumpkin patch at John Wesley. :)

He was such a good sport and looked so handsome.

Ian and Aunt Steph

The boys studied letter "X" at school for a week. It ended with a pirate treasure hunt. The boys were great pirates. I made their costumes. :)

We also went to the pumpkin festival at the local shopping center. The boys got pirate face paint.

They had a blast with thier friends.

And they loved playing in the pumpkins.

Fun times at the lake! We love fall!!

Baby boy Ian!! He's getting so big!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rest of the Summer 2011

This Potter-head wasn't finished with the festivities of the last movies with the showing in Lake Tahoe. I came back and had a few friends over to re-cap the previous movie (Part 1) and got ready to watch Part 2 the next day. In honor of the films, Natalie found a Butter Beer recipe.

If you're not a fan/expert Butter Beer is a drink mentioned in the books. It tastes like creme soda (the main ingredient) with a slight butter flavor. DE-LISH

We decided to see the movie in 3D!! My first time since captain e-o at Disneyland. It was really cool!

Natalie, her junior mints, and HP scarf she always wears. What a blast!

Soon after HPDH P2 weekend, we got the chance to catch up with Kara!! She is a super sweet friend of Jeff and Whit's from their days in Virginia.

The Virginia gang (and Lacey) back together.

Kara's sweet friend had her little baby with her. Such a cutie!

We really enjoyed our summer days and nights together. The boys were missing s'mores from Lake Tahoe so Mommy roasted marshmallows on the stove. (Reed)

Sticky hands.

We spent a day at Splashtown with my friend Katie. Lacey came with Ian and Grangie too!! Here are Me and Grant coming down the slide.

By the end the boys could go up to the top all by them selves and come down to the bottom! Such big boys. (Grant)

Lacey was going down with Ian (even pregnant) and we all had a blast.

When we weren't at the lake, splashtown, or Lake Tahoe, we were here. A lot of my friends live in Gleannloch Farms. This is the main rec. pool for kids. The boys love swimming and playing with their friends.

Reed at the pool. We would usually come for the morning and have a picnic lunch with our friends. Such a blast.

The big pool we would switch to after we got bored with the little one.

When we weren't there, we were at the lake house. Ian has gotten so big and loves to crawl around and play with the boys. The boys had some toys under the counter and all three of them had fun playing together.

Since there has been NO rain in Texas (over an inch) in the past 270 (something) days, the lake is very low. (even lower than when this pic was taken) This lake is a major source of drinking water for Houston. When there's no rain they have to let more of it out. Now, there is sand visible in front of the rocks.

On the up side, we can swim the kids and dogs in the lake right off the steps of the ladder. It's kind of nice to be able to jump in and play.

The weather had been very nice up until Labor Day. It was SO windy that even the pool had waves.

And of course that was the weekend we decided to have the Beltz Family up for the holiday. We had to settle for hot tub time. Here's Melissa making breakfast for everyone.

Ian still had a blast. He's getting to be such a big boy!! Learning to use a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

Lacey and her baby BOY in her tummy. (we are not destined to have a girl in the Beck family)

On Monday it was still windy but not cloudy. We took full advantage and loaded up the tube to head out on the lake.

Normally we bring the boat over to the house and load up the people and the tube. However, the lake is so low that we can't get the boat to the house. So we (by this I mean Jeff) had to load up the tube on the top of the van and head over to the marina to get the boat.

All the kids in the back ready to go.

Melissa, the tube rider.

Ian ready to ride on the boat.

Reed, Morgan, and Madison ready to go.

Melissa was so sweet to ride with her kids and ours. (Mel and the boys)

Mel and her girls. There was only one patch of smooth water so we just went back and forth like 50 times.

Ian the good sport

Our fun filled Labor day was a nice ending to our busy fun summer. Next up was the first day of school!!! This year it included mommy and the boys. I started teaching a 3-year-old preschool class at the boys school. It's been a lot of fun so far. My big 4 year-olds.

Reed is an Eagle this year.

Grant is a LION! Rawr! We will post more school pics soon!

Both the boys got really good at swimming this summer. (Grant in one of his lessons)

Reed being funny. While I was packing for the lake one time I found this.