Wednesday, October 27, 2010

****PuMpKiN pAtChEs****

Jeff was on call last weekend so we had to stay in town :( While we were out running errands we got the boys their first batch of play dough and tools. They LOVE it! (Reed)

They have tools, cutters, and tons of colors. What's funny is that the tools all seem to be the same ones that Jeff and I had when we were little. Guess not much has changed in the way of play dough in the last 20 years.
On Sunday we went to a local Christmas Tree Farm/Pumpkin Patch with Grangie and G-pa.
They had games, pumpkins, "train" rides, food, and FUN!! We had a great time looking at all the pumpkins.
Look at all that orange. NO, those are not the shirts from last year. What kind of mother would do that?
They also had bounce houses. The boys LOVED climbing up and sliding down.
They had to be talked into it the first time but then we couldn't keep them off it. :)
The "train" was a set of cars the kind of looked like colored train cars being pulled by a tractor. Didn't matter to the boys though. They had a blast.

There were also lots of stations set up for photo opp. I liked that part the best.

On Tuesday we went with our Mom's Group to another local patch to pick out our pumpkins. Don't they look happy!!!

The boys found several that they though would make a good Jack-O-Lantern. We are off to the lake to spend some quality time with ALL the Beck's. We are also going to carve our pumpkins in prep. for Halloween!!

So get ready to see lots of pictures of Monkeys and Jack-o-lanterns!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

**TrUnk or Treat**

Look at those BUNS!!! I couldn't help myself!!! They had to go pee while we were playing in the yard so they did. :) I just want to pinch them!!

On Saturday we were planning to go see baby Ian....then Reed caught Grant's cold and had a fever. Soooooo we didn't want to spend too much time around him and get him sick. We stayed at their house of a short while and then went over to the zoo. It's gotten hot again, boo, so we had a little ice cream snack.

I'm almost certain it was their favorite part of the day. Whit and Lacey live so close to the zoo that it was a nice little break for the boys and nap time for baby Ian (and his mom and dad).
On Sunday mom Mom's Group had a Turnk or Treat for the kiddos. We met at an elementary school parking lot and opened all our trunks and passed out candy. Some cars were decorated and some were not. Some adults dressed up and some did not. Guess which way Jeff decided to go with the whole dressing up thing??

The boys both wanted to be a Monkey this year so we've had the costumes for a while. We had their trikes in the back of the car and let them ride while we were waiting for the rest of the gang to show.

Every time I see these pics I have this desire to go to the circus. :)

There goes Grant.

The weather had been soooooooo nice. 70 something degrees out and cool at night. So just in time for our trunk or treat the weather decided to go all weird and it was like 85 degrees and HOT. My poor little monkeys were sweating bullets.

Overall it was a lot of fun for the kiddos and the parents.

The best part about having it at a school was that we played on the playground afterwards. Can't wait for next year!!

The boys got monster teeth in their goodie bags from the turnk or treat. (Reed)

They had no idea what they were or how to use them so we had fun playing monster for a few minutes. (Grant)

Fall is here in the yard too!! The leaves are falling off our oak tree (even though it's 80 degrees) and the mums in the front have bloomed. :)

It just looks so festive.

The boys studied spiders in school last week and made spider hats on Friday. Cutest spiders I've ever seen!! (Grant)

Scary spider Reed.

On Tuesday our mom's group went to Jackpot Pizza and got to have a little tour of the pizza place. It was fun for the kids to see the BIG ovens and all the fixings for the pizzas.

After they got a tour the kids got to make their own pizzas. (Reed)

Our friend Steven making his Pizza.

Baby Ian is HERE!!

Early Sunday morning on 10/10/10 Lacey went inot labor at the lake house. She went ahead into Houston with Whitney while Anne and I got ready. We followed them shortly so we could be there when baby Ian came.

We had a lot of waiting to do. We waited, and waited and waited. I'm sure it didn't feel like "waiting" for Lacey. :)

At about 5 pm the doctors decided that Ian's heart rate was too varied and he it was time to do a c-section. Whit was all ready to go!

Baby Ian Jeffrey Beck was born at 5:54 pm. He was 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 inches long!! We love him so much. He had a little bit of a hard time breathing so he spent the night up stairs in the NICU at Texas Children's Hospital. He was back with mom the next day and is doing GREAT!!

Proud Anutie Steph with baby Ian!

Another one of a proud Auntie!!

Grangie with her newest baby!! We just love him so much!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall so far...

I'm a bad blogger. I've been so busy with all the stuff we've been doing this fall I haven't been blogging!!! We ended September with a joint birthday party. Zack came in to Houston with his family for a birthday party and trip to Chuck E Cheese's.

Afterwards we sang happy birthday and had delicious cupcakes!!

They were yummy chocolate!! Grant and Henry eating them up.

Reed loved his and managed to NOT ruin his shirt in the process. :)

Lacey's birthday was the same day as the party!! Here she is blowing out her candles.

Wishing for a sooner due date.

I made her cupcakes so I can say there were perfect.

The boys have been having so much fun at school!! The second week was pet week. (Grant)

The culmination of pet week was making a dog or cat hat and getting your face painted!! How exciting!! (Reed)

My little doggies!!

The following week was all about me. Here's Grant's self portrait.

We also had picture day. Look at my handsome boys.

I can't wait to see how they turn out. (the pics not the children)

The weather has been sooooooooooo nice lately. It's been between 70-80 but dry and cool at night and in the morning. Last weekend we went for an afternoon walk in the park.

The boys love to ride in their wagon and Archi got tired after a while so he rode too. The boys loved when he rode. After the walk they got to play on the playground at the park. It was fun for all!

OK, so Mr. Archie Dog has decided that it's his calling in life to chase birds at the lake house. He has NEVER done this before and only recently became aware of the fact that this is his life's work. He has been getting more and more enthusiastic about his work and gets quite close to the edge of the bulkhead. He will run from one end of the yard to the other chasing the large birds that dare to invade our space. On Friday he had an incident. He was getting more and more brave about being on the edge of the actual bulkhead and would stand on the edge. Well he got a little boisterous and went over. We are so lucky that he didn't fall and hurt himself. We are also lucky that he didn't fall in the water and he landed on a flat rock, not a sharp one. Jeff came home quickly after I found him and we were able to rescue him. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. He has continued to chase the birds but he stays a little further from the edge now.