Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day Program

The 3 year old program at the boys' school put on a Mother's day show for all the mom's!! (The setting)

It was a fashion show and a showcase of all the songs they have learned in music this year. (Grant in the middle )

Reed walked with our good friend Morgan.

Doing his turn.


The kids sang a bunch of songs that they have learned so far in music this year. (reed next to his friend Morgan)

The boys made me a flower pot and presented it with a flower (Grant)

Reed and his flower pot

My guys

Hapy Mother's Day

OH BOY! The boys talked me into a a "Cars" slip and slide at the store. I thought it was time to carry on the slip and slide tradition (at $10) and get one for them to enjoy.

While I was trying to get things set up atonther fight took place and Grant ended up with a scratch. It now matches the one Reed has on his face from last summer and an argument over a ball.

Moments later we had forgotten about the fight and were slip and sliding away.


After that we spent the weekend washing the car.

We are so lucky to have our helpers. It would have taken us half as long without them and their "help"

Thanks boys

Our cousin Ian is getting so big!! He enoys the boys and watcing TV with them in the mornings at the lakehouse.

The weather was a bit chilly (for a brief second) so the boys decided to do some fishing with uncle Whitney. (and daddy)

Waiting and waiting for those fish to bite......

Reed took a break from fishing to help clean the pool.

ohhhh I think he's got one.....nope just a fish stealing his bait, agian.

Since we weren't having much luck we decided to move to the marina. and we aslo got some meal worms.

But still nothing...

Miss Kona taking an afternoon nap.

A short video of the boys school mother's day show.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Fling and Butterflies

In my Easter post I mentioned Puppy and her love for Easter eggs/candy. Here's a pic of her cracking one open. See video at the bottom to watch her open an egg looking for candy. (we call her Nicky sometimes)

Before Easter we had "spring fling" with our mom's group and had an egg hunt. Grant with all his eggs.

It also corresponded with Kris's trip to Texas. We were so happy to have our Auntie Kristen here with us.

The boys looking for eggs.

Reed getting ready to hunt.


Our friend Natalie and her kiddos (Allie and William)

Our friend Madison and all her eggs.

Morgan was sad she didn't have all pink eggs so Grant gave her a hug. :)

My friends and I all found a great deal on these dresses at Target. We all got the same one in different colors, but we all look Haute!! (Mary Beth, Myself, Melissa)

I bought a milk weed plant to attract caterpillars so that we could watch them change into butterflies.

At one time we had 6 of them on the plant!!

The only problem being that they like to travel up to 30 yards to make their chrysalis.

Only one little guy decided that he would make his right where we could watch.

The next day I found this!! I was so excited!! THEN a BIRD ate it!!! I was so mad!!! Anyway, hopefully the others were more successful. We have three more on the plant right now so I'll keep you posted.

Puppy pops open an egg