Monday, August 30, 2010

TaHoE 2k10!!!

The Dronenburg Family is BACK! Watch out Lake Tahoe. We just spent 5 days in Lake Tahoe (NV) for the 4th year in a row! It's so beautiful we just love going every year. :) (the lake)

This year we brought Katrina along with us. (Last year she came in Jeff's place) Here are Kris and Katrina on the beach our first full day!!

Grant had a lot of fun collecting his "buried treasure".

Each night the family would cook dinner out on the grills. (Doug with his sympathetic mohawk)

The kids would run around and play together while the adults got everything ready for dinner.

In the past we have just ordered out for dinner and eaten it here in the club house. The cooking is a new tradition that I personally prefer. Dad and Jeff busy making burgers.

Kristen's last Chemo treatment was a week before the trip. We were so proud of her we decided to have a little celebration the first night we were there. Yay Kris!

We are so blessed that she was able to handle the Chemo so well and be on the trip with us. Next year no WIG!! We LOVE you.

One of our other favorite traditions is making 'smores. This is the first year my boys really got into it. (Justin, Finn, and Katrina roasting away)

We found these GIANT marshmellows at the grocery store. They were so big you almost had to use a whole cracher on both sides. LOVE IT.

Grant was WAY into eating them. It made a HUGE mess but who could deny a boy his 'smore??


Katherine, Alexa, and Justin having fun with the HUGE marshmellows.

The lake from a pull out on the road. It's so big!!!

During nap time Katrina and I would hang at the pool with Kris. We may have enjoyed a few adult beverages. :) Look at those hot pool babes.

Another Dronenburg family tradition is the trip down the Truckee river. (Finn, Katherine, Alexa, and Grant)

We use the same company and ALWAYS have a great time. (Finn's ready)

Alexa and Kris ready to ride.

View from the boat.

Dad was on Lars' boat with his family.

HEY guys!!

Katrina and I were the TAHOES with Oars. Jeff called us his Charlie's Angels. He dismissed our paddling efforts as "counterproductive" and would only let us paddle when he really needed our help.

We would stop along the way and let the kiddos play and hang out.

The boys were in heaven just being able to pick up as many rocks as they wanted.

My little boat riders.

There is a little creek that runs behind the hotel that has a path. (Grant and his flower)

So we would take a little walk around the path and just look for "wild animals". (Reed and his flower)

Grant on the look out.

My family

My boys looking for things in the creek.

Dad took us out for ice cream one afternoon and I got the boys a balloon. We all know how much they love a balloon. (Grant)

The family on the dock.

The last night we were there we decided to have s'more 'smores. Why not??

For the children...of course.

Katherine and Alexa roasting their mellows.

OH NO!! It's on fire!!!

Then the day came that it was time to leave :( so we took some pics. (all the girls)

All the cousins. See you next year Lake Tahoe!!!

Before Tahoe...

Reed was trying to take his shirt off like Grant did. It was really funny.

Grangie decided to buy a keyboard to use to practice her piano skills.

She's actually really good. But the boys are better (just kidding). They loved playing with it.

The musical styling of Grant W. Beck and Reed M. Beck

Baby Ian's Shower

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Ian Jeffrey Beck!! He is due Oct. 14th so in his (and Lacey's) honor we had a shower for them a week ago. Jillian, Anne, and I had a lot of fun planning. It was such a great time!!

We loved seeing our friends Emily and Jennifer. We usually only get to see them for Twilight related events so it was such a treat to see them for this fun event too!!

My wonderful friend Natalie made baby Ian's cake. It was sooooooo good!!

The table full of goodies was downed very quickly. Baby Ian and Lacey got tons of stuff he needed!! We really really can't wait to meet him. Only a few more weeks...

Julia's Trip to Houston

The boys and I were so excited when Julia and Lauren came to visit us in our new house in Houston!! We haven't seen them since they came for a visit in Salt Lake (Back in October!!!).

The first day they were here was the same day that the boys' backpacks came. :) Grant wouldn't take it off and he decided to wear Julia's shoes. It would be an interesting look for the first day, don't you think?

Not to be out done, Reed decided to wear my shoes. A good look buddy.

After a few days in Houston we decided to head up to the Lake to see Michael and Anne. Lauren had never been on a tube before. Such a shame. So we put them both on right away.. :)

Jeff decided to give us all a show with some water skiing. Go daddy!!

Julia also treated us to some wake boarding. We literally had to dust it off because no one had used it in years. She got up on her second try. Not bad not bad at all.

Next action girl decided to try water skiing. Here she is ready to go.

She got up right away. Go girl!! She did tell me the next day that she used muscles that she didn't even know she had and she was a little sore. :)

I haven't been on a tube in a long time (without the boys) so I decided to ride with Julia. It was fun in between all the screaming.

We headed back to the pool after some time on the lake. Lauren with Grant.

My boys are such great swimmers now. (Reed)

The boys just loved having Lauren and Julia to play with.

G-pa was jumping off the edge with the boys! It was a great weekend all around. We miss you guys and hope you come back to see us soon.