Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OH My Gosh, I have a Twin!

The boys recently discovered that they have a twin. Or atleast that there is another baby in the house. The other day they sat facing eachother laughing. It was so funny. They just kept looking and laughing. Totally amazed by the other baby facing them.

AS if one exersaucer wasn't enough, we had to get a walker too. Now each boy has a place to sit and watch mommy clean and cook.

Play Time

Santa came again a few days ago!! Thanks to Grandpa and Grangie, the boys got some new toys with a gift card from Toys R US. They love this caterpillar that lights up and plays music. It has tons of stuff to grab and bat at.

The best part is that it's big enough for both the boys to fit under. They love it! We also got a new floor mat so that we can practice tummy time. They are such lucky little boys.

Morning play time is the best. We play with all the cool toys then take a nap. They are going to be crawling around before we know it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bath Time

The boys got some new t-shirts for Christmas too. This is the marina on Lake Livingston where the family boat is. The boys are so excited to go there this summer and learn how to tube and ski. They can't wait. Hopefully by then the shirts will fit!

We have a bathtime routine in the Beck house. The boys have really started enjoying a bath each night before bed. It's a two person operation though. Someone has to entertain one baby while the other is getting a bath. The life of twin parents is never dull. (Grant above)

Big boy Reed loves his bath too, just not as much as Grant. He usually tries to cry at first but then remembers that he likes it. The boys weighed in yesterday at 13 and 14 pounds each (Reed was 14). I love my Chubby Bunnies!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas with Gandpa and Grangie

The boys got lots of cute new clothes. This outfit is from their favorite Aunt Kristen. It kept them warm while we went shopping. (Worn by Reed)

The boys got a Jonny Jumper from Santa. They love to bounce and play in it.

Aunt Lacey and Uncle Whitney came too. It was so nice to see everyone from Texas.

Grangie loves her baby boys. We were so lucky to have her help. She brought all of us lots of goodies.

Grandpa and Grangie came to see the boys for Christmas and New Years. They had so much fun with them.