Wednesday, December 19, 2012

September-December :)

 We are bad Bloggers and haven't been online since AUGUST!! This pic sums up the rest of our summer.  We spent a lot of time getting away from the heat in the lake and in the pool.  The boys can now swim with NO floats or help!! But soon enough it was time to start school. 

 The boys are doing an extra year in pre-school and will go off to kindergarten next year.  Reed on his first day in the Kangaroo class.

Happy first day!! Reed also managed to knock out his two front teeth right before school started, whoops.

 Happy first day Grant!!

 September also brought soccer!!

After our first practice Grant said, "We should have done space camp. That was a LOT of running." Poor babies played in 100+ degree heat!
 My favorite part of the beginning of school is school picture day.  John Wesley does it up right and gets a pro.  I always love their school pics.  This was the outfit for this years photo.  :)

Handsome boys ready for school pics.  The new pic at the top was the result.  Looks good if you ask me.

We had some rainy weather and the boys LOVE to play outside with their "rain gear".

Reed Michael

 We have had cooler temps (off and on) so we like to take advantage and spend time around the fire.

 Reed warming up by the fire.

 We also had hot chocolate. YUM.

A "pumpkin patch" with some of our friends.

Next thing we knew it was time for Halloween!! The boys were a transformer and a vampire. Here they are with their class (on Halloween day) for the school parade.

Jeff and I got to go to a grown up party too! I went as one of the 3 blind mice with my friends Kristin (far left) and Lindsay (center)
 Jeff decided to go as "a wall street occupier"

My guys on Halloween

Archie was a sheriff and Lucy was a shark.

In November the Beck family finally made it official when Jeff was sworn in.  He is now a legal attorney!! Yay Jeff!

The judge signing the oath.

Next up, Thanksgiving!! Our small bird!

It was just our small group this year.  Anne, Michael, Jeff, Me and the boys. We still made all the traditional food and had a great time.

The boys had their Christmas program last week.  I took some pics and videos, but need to weed through them. :) Here they are afterwards with Grangie. They did a GREAT job.

We also did our annual trip to see Santa!! So fun!

Our cousins, Ian and Spencer, did not agree with the "fun" part.

But we all had a good time at the mall. Maybe next year?

We recently got new family pictures done.  Hopefully by now most of you have gotten our Christmas card and have seen the majority of the pictures. Email me if you'd like to have one of them (I have the rights and jpeg file of all of the pics)
Hopefully I will have time over Christmas vacation to post pictures from Christmas.