Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sick Boys, Katrina, and Auntie Lacey

Things at the Beck house went from godd to worse. The boys seemed to be on the mend and then decided to get another stomach bug. I swear I have never used my washing machine so much in my entire life. I have never cleaned up so much gross stuff either. They just couldn't keep their bodily functions to themselves. This was the scene for most of the last 3 weeks. They wouldn't eat or drink and when they did it was very little. :(

For some reason they were feeling well enough on Valentine's day to go out to breakfast. Jeff and I took the to McDonald's and had a good time. They didn't eat much but did play a little. Mommy tried to be cool and go up in the slide like daddy had and I FREAKED out. I kept my cool in front of the boys but my hands were shaking. I gues I've developed a fear of small enclosed spaces. Who knew.

The boys were almost better when Katrina came for a visit. She watched the boys for the weekend while Jeff and I spent a few days away. It was SUCH a treat. We slept in and ate out. It was perfect. Thanks again Katrina we LOVE you.
As usual while Katrina was here we did some shopping and looking around. You never know what you are going to need. While we were out at Hobby Lobby Reed discovered he had pockets. He's been doing this lately with his pants and jackets. It's just so funny to me because it makes him look so grown up. What a cute guy.

One of our other favortie things to do while Katrina is here is hit up the Costco. We LOVE the Churros there. If you haven't had one GO get one now. They are delish. The boys are getting big enough to handle half a churro now. Reed has issues not putting the whole thing in his mouth at one time. YUM.
Katrina has started a tradition with the boys of riding the "horse" at Wal-Mart. We tried to explain to the boys that it's not a horse but a warthog from the movie Lion King and that didn't seem to go over well. SO, it's a horse. This thing costs .50 a ride (which we both think is a rip off) but being the loving Katrina she is, she lets them each have a turn while we are there.
Kind of dorky I know, but this is a picture of the preschool registration for the boys. It just kind of hit me as one of those life moments. Here I am about to mail off the papers to their preschool and hopefully begin their school careers that will last for the next 18 years. My babies are growing up! Tear tear.

Sortly after this it was time to take Katrina to the airport and pick up Aunt Lacey. Originally she was coming to help me while Jeff took the bar exam. BUT since he has decided to take it in July (when we are hopefully living there) he didn't need to go but she still came!! We had a great time with her just hanging out. She and I have a love of singing along to bad music. WE don't sing well so we turn it up and have a great time. The boys decided to sit on the counter and dance and sing along. (Reed in Lacey's sunglasses).

For whatever reason Lady Gaga is their favorite. They actually know the words. Check out the moves from my man Grant W. Beck. Someone has a future on America's Best Dance Crew.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hallmark Open For Business

I realized the other day that one of my favorite holidays was quickly approaching. I LOVE valenitne's day and am steadfast in my effort to pass on my love to the boys. I'm not sure if it's all the pink and purple or if it's the candy and glitter, but I love it. So we decided to make some valentine's day cards for Jeff.

The boys have both been sick and this was one of the first days they were feeling better. We made some handprint cards and let them color the paper all by themselves. They had a blast.

The finished product. Grangie heard about the card shop and was interested. So we may have made some more for her and Auntie Lacey. We'll just have to see if Cupid comes through.

Our proud display of cards and decorations.

This card making has inspired a love of crayons and coloring in Grant. Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart so that he could get a Mickey coloring book and a "new box of crayons" just for him. He was sooooooooo excited. Mainly he just likes to name the colors and look at the paper. He doesn't do that much coloring. But he's so happy and occupied that I don't care. He will sit at the table for almost an hour just chatting about the crayons and his pictures. It's really cute.

Reed has started calling me and Jeff "honey". He will also tell Grant, "no Honey". when he asks for something. So I couldn't catch it without a prompt but you get the idea. He has also starting calling Jeff by "Jeff" instead of daddy. Jeff hates it but can't help but laugh. It's kind of hard to hear him but he says it. Also, Grant talking about his coloring enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not much to Report...

The boys and I have been sick lately but I think we are finally on the mend. We had a nice weekend with little activity. WE did make it out to the grocery store and took a few pics of Grant with his cart. The store provides carts but they are hard to navigate so we bring our from home. The boys love to push it around and put their food in it. (Grant)

The weather has continued to lend itself to some outside play lately. It's not the most comfortable temperature but it'll do. As long as we (Mommy) is in the sun it's not too bad to play outside for a few minutes and the boys really really love it. We're ready for spring/summer.

This weekend Jeff got a new iphone. SO while we were at the store the nice man gave the boys "dummy" phones. They use them as demos and don't have working parts or anything. They have a colorful fake screen but they are real phones. Well the boys just think they are the coolest thing ever. They love to "text" and call people.

It's so funny to hear the "talk" on the phone. Usually they are calling "Uncle Whitney" or texting him. They miss him so much!! Or they are calling the dogs in the family (sorry guys). Sometimes it's just a call into good old Mickey.
Sorry we're boring and don't have much to report. I took a cute video of Reed but can't find it now so I'll have to recapture the moment.