Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun, Zoo, and Ear Tubes

It's been a fun week here in Salt Lake. The weather was really really nice this weekend. We sat out in the backyard on Saturday and had frozen drinks and slushies. The boys really liked them but didn't get that they would melt quickly. (Reed left, Grant Right)

It was so warm in the sun we decided to put the sprinkler out to play in. The boys couldn't figure out how it was spraying them. They would get close and it would move toward them and they would run away. It was really funny.
They got comfortable with it by the end. And cold. The water here is soooooo cold out of the tap.

By the end, both of them had blue lips and we had to take their clothes off to warm them up. (Reed)

On Sunday Jeff bought some balloons at the store. They love balloons right now, "balooloo", they call them.

After that we decided to have another water park in the backyard and put up the baby pool and sprinkler again. This time we put on our swim suits and rash guards. (Reed left, Grant Right)

Reed thought it was so funny that he got himself into the toy bucket.

On Monday I had to get my oil changed and transmission serviced. The boys were so good while we waited. We ran out of things to do so they started playing with the stuff in my purse. Reed calling "daddy" on the phone.
Grant wearing my sunglasses.

After they were bored with that they looked for pictures of cats and dogs in the magazines.

Grant prefers Road and Track.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went to the zoo with my friends Krystal and her sister Laurie. Laurie has twins too so we got some looks.

Here are the boys with Brianna at the Tigers.

They loved the elephant and couldn't believe how big she was. She came up really close to us.

Today Grant had his ear tubes placed. He was totally cool and collected before the procedure.

He played nicely with the toys in the waiting room until they took him back. Afterwards he was NOT happy. He was screaming and scratching me. I look like I've been in a fight with a cat. He calmed down eventually and has been resting since. I've been told he'll be fine by tomorrow. We'll see. Thanks for all your prayers. I think he's going to make it. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spin Spin

Both the boys have recently discovered the joy and dizziness that comes from spinning in circle. Jeff showed them how to spin in a circle while I was away visiting Emily in Dallas. Now it's one of their favorite things to do. (Grant)

Katrina came to town to see us and we got to do all of our favorite things. Like go to Target. Reed was having so much fun with the gift registry. Katrina took this with her phone. Reed just kept playing with the "ball" and clicking. We call this boy genius.

Everything has been going well here lately. I finally go the boys well and haven't had another cold come through, yet. Grant failed his follow up hearing test but it was his other ear that failed this time. SO, after so many ear infections we went to the ENT at Primary Children's Hospital here in SLC. We saw him on Tuesday and have been scheduled for ear tubes. I was expecting to have the surgery done sometime in June or July maybe August at the latest. However, they had a cancellation last minute and he goes in on Wednesday. I was nervous at first but the doctor said that is so minimal that they won't even give us pain meds. It will only take 15 mins. and he will be feeling perfect by the next day. They aren't even going to intebate. Being their mom though, I have decided to worry until it's over. Please keep him in your prayers on Wednesday.

On another note, the babies have recently become chatter boxes. They are finally to the stage where they are repeating whatever we say and trying to say as much as they can. Reed seems to be more curious about the name of everything. Grant will follow shortly. Here is Reed talking about my "yellow pants".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Grangie

Just trying to get the boys to say "Happy Mother's Day" to Grangie. It didn't go off as well as I had hoped. The boys are really into Mickey Moust Clubhouse right now. So Mickey and his "hot dog dance" are their focus. Enjoy!

WE tried again. Reed was obsessed with looking at the "baby" on the screen of the camera. But when Grant came to look too the "baby" was gone. Funny how that happens.


I know it's been a while since I posted about the boys. I have recently become 100% obsessed with the Twilight books and that has had me VERY busy :). Anyway, a few weeks ago Jeff and I took the boys to Liberty Park, near downtown Salt Lake, to feed the ducks.

It was a cool day and it rained off and on while we were there. It's a really cool place though and super HUGE. There is a park, trails, pond, and a lot more.
We had a great time but had to cut it short because of the changing weather. It was nice to get out of the house though. Jeff had to feed the geese though before we left. I was a little nervous because they had babies with them. I have heard that they can be a bit aggressive when around their young. I was really curious to see if they were going to be nice to Jeff or not. In the end, they didn't hurt anyone. :)

This is a little off topic of Ducks, but recently the boys have developed a new obsession. They just LOVE to put their toys behind and into stuff. They had been satisfied with stuffing toys behind the toy chest but that got old I guess. So now they love to fill the sink with their toys when I'm not looking.