Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's been so long since I've had time to blog!! While I was busy working and taking care of these beautiful children, blogger totally changed their format.  SO, all my pictures got uploaded out of order.  :) I like to post the pictures in chronological order but that's not going to happen this time so bare with me. I'll do my best to just explain each one. LOVE and miss all of you!
-very confused blogger Steph

 The boys' dying eggs for Easter. The theme of our lives these days is superhero anything.

 Gus the school guinea pig that came to live with us over the Easter break.

 Snowballs, the worlds best snow cones is now open for the season.

 This brings delight to my heart and the hearts of my friends and children as we prepare for another oppressive Texas summer.  

 Beaver nuggets, a like little pieces of crack covered in sugar. They are divine.  A cross between a corn pop and caramel popcorn.  Heaven.

 I meant it when I said obsessed. We felt safe on the way to the lake with Captain America

 And Thor with us in the car.

 Rodeo day at school.

 Mr. Archie being cool

 Took our annual bluebonnet pics. They weren't as good as last years pics.  Not as many flowers and very uncooperative boys.

 Grant W. Beck

 We've been playing outside while the weather is nice.

 Using the chalk a lot.  Reed claimed this rock and wrote his name all by himself.

 You can't really tell by the picture, but Lucy was covered in chalk too :)

 I got to babysit Spencer (and Ian) for the day.  Spencer watched me put away the groceries.

 We had a blast at the children's museum back in early March.

 Spencer with us at the museum was only 6 weeks at the time.

Playing vet at the museum.

 The boys playing with the water canals at the museum.

 The guys love to take pictures with my camera phone.

I got to go away to lake Conroe with my friends Emily and Jennifer. We had a great girly time.

 While I was away the boys had fun daddy time.

 Including the white trash water park on the trampoline in their underwear.

Quiet sunset at lake Conroe....

 While daddy had dinner with these monsters.

 Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny CAME!!

 Jeff holding Spencer during the egg hunt

 Reed and his spoils of war.

 Reed going after the eggs.

 Granny, Whit, and Lacey at our Easter lunch.

Lucy's had some rough nights here being cuddled by Jeff

 The Easter Bunny even brought something for Lucy.

 Our annual Easter Lilly pic.  Not our best photo.

 Handsome boys ready for Church.

 Look at those faces.

 Grant going after some eggs.

 Confetti eggs.

 Ian Loved it.

 Lucy's first trip to the lake back in March.  She LOVED the pool

 And she loved going after her ball in the lake.


 She did great on the boat ride too.

 And was great at retrieving in the pool too.

 Moms night out with my good friends Lindsay, and Natalie.

 Moms night out in April with my friends (Melissa and then Katie on the right)

 Love these girls (Emily, Lindsay, Ashley, me from left to right)

 I made ooblick for the boys to play in (cornstarch and water)

 They LOVED it. So much fun!!
 Almost as much as they love playing in Lucy's dog kennel.


The boys ready for their egg hunt at school

 Spring fling egg hunt with our moms group.

 Reed and his basket of eggs.

 Way to go Grant

 Our friend Morgan got the hang of it.

 Trying to eat the candy but......

It was all melted so I had to put it in the fridge. :)

I'll do a better job with the pics next time