Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy EaStEr!!!

We have been so busy I'm just now getting around to posting Easter Pics!! I started working at the boys' school 3 days a week and have little time to myself these days. :) As soon as spring came we were excited to go and see the Easter Bunny!!!

The boys also had an Easter egg hunt at their school. I got to show off my sewing abilities once again and send them in some original Stephanie Beck Couture.

The day before Easter we dyed eggs with daddy. They all had a great time!

Reed watching very carefully.

Jeff was showing the boys how to dip half an egg one color and then do the other half another.

Waiting is always the hardest part! (Reed)

Look at those pretty EGGS!

The next morning the Easter Bunny had come!!

He brought each of the boys a movie, some Chuggington trains, and some Easter candy!!

So Exciting!!

The trains were a big hit. It's Disney's version of Thomas the train. Love them.

All set for our Easter Dinner with Karen's family.

Don't they look handsome for church!

Our traditional Easter Lilly photo.

Mommy and Reed

Cody and Jeff hid a bunch of eggs for all the little kids.

Cody watching the kids hunt.

Zack and Reed collecting as many as they can.

My bunny boys

Henry found a big one!

Reed found a big one on the sand box.

So Anne and Michael's dog puppy got a hold of the M&Ms from the boys' Easter basket. I heard this banging noise and she was tearing into it. Too funny. She also got really good at grabbing eggs out of the basket and popping them open with her mouth to eat the candy. Mind you this is the same dog that will tear open a bread bag and eat a loaf of bread if you leave the pantry door open.

Karen also brought some confetti eggs for the boys to play with.

We had to explain to all the little kids how it worked. They just kept hitting each other on the head with them.

They got the hang of it and went after Cody.

Kona got a sprinkle of confetti when it was over.

So did Mr. Archie.

Doesn't he look festive.

The boys have been obsessed with taking pictures with the camera lately. They got a hold of my camera and I found this pic. They aren't very good at it. The "don't put your finger over the lens" concept is completely lost on them.

Miss Kona thinks this tiny bed is hers. Silly girl. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bluebonnets/Grandpa Ernie and Emmy

My FAVORITE girl!! This dog is the best. We have been loving us some Miss Kona around here!! We went to the lake a few weekends ago and Kona had a blast in the pool. (See video below)

Mr. Ian also had a great time in the spa! It was his first time in, and he did great!! Way to go Ian!! I have a feeling you're going to be a swimming pro by the end of the summer.

As much as I love her, she does have a few quirks. For a reason unknown to me or the rest of the family she LOVES the sand box. We can't firgure out if she likes it because it's cool, or in the shade, or soft, or WHAT! BUT she LOVES it. EVERY time I open the lid and one of the kids gets in so does she. WEIRD.

Dad and Emmy came to see us last week/weekend, and we went out to Brenham to take BLUEBONNET pics. This time of year in Texas is my absolute FAVORITE!! We went to the little airport they have just north of the city. They had a hillside FULL of the bluebonnets and we set the kids up!

They did such a great job posing for pictures. Afterward, we ate lunch at the diner. YUM.

Dad and Emmy in their FIRST bluebonnet pic. Pretty special if you ask me!

After lunch we drove a little more north and visited the Antique Rose Emporium. It was SO neat. Marilyn, being an avid gardener, knew about this place and has been here once before. It was really fun.

Since everyone is planting right now for Spring, the place was hopping. They were also having a wedding there later that day. Beautiful scenery and wonderful company.

Across the street was a field FULL of bluebonnets. For my friends that don't live in Texas--and I'm sorry you don't--most highways look like this during the Spring. Just this beautiful shade of purple/blue like a dusting on the ground. SO neat.

Jeff with one of the boys in the rose garden

Emmy, Grant and Jeff

Mr. Reed M. Beck

On the way home the boys fell asleep. Reed was sleeping indian style. It looked so uncomfortable.

Jeff decided to bungee a hose to the trampoline and let the boys run around in the water while bouncing.

Really funny. See video below....

On a side note. It's Easter time. One of my favorite time of the year (for the candy). As if they had to mess with perfection, they have decided to make CHOCOLATE dipped PEEPS now!!! UM hello, why didn't anyone think of this before. I bet they are DELISH!!!

Boys on the tramp.

Kona fetches.