Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bluebonnets and Feeding the Ducks

There isn't much I love more than the Texas Bluebonnets in the spring!! It's my favorite time of year here and I've missed it for the past 3 years!! I couldn't wait until I could get the boys out in the floweres for a perfect pic!! It was a little harder than I thought it was going to be. We drove out to Brenham to visit Jeff's Granny and found some flowers on the side of the road. With Anne's help I got a few good pics.

After we took some pics we headed to the small Brenham airport to have lunch. (Anne and the boys)

Looking at the planes. (with Flat Alexa)

The weather in Brenham was PERFECT!! It was like 73 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze. We had lunch outside and just enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

Later in the week we headed to Herman Park to ride the train and feed the ducks!! Jeff and Anne with the boys on the train.

The ducks were really excited to se that we had brought some bread with us.

Another beautiful day feeding the ducks and birds.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zoo, Dog Park, Aquarium Oh My!

What a fun filled weeks it's been here in Houston!! Jeff left us on Wednesday and heading back to Salt Lake :( So we decided to head to the zoo with Aunt Lacey and our friends Jeff and John. We had such a great time eventhough it was raining the whole time!

We headed to the carousel to seek refuge from the rain. The boys had a blast riding on the animals.

The boys are really really into animals right now so it was so fun to see them light up at the sight of all the different animals. They had been talking about it for DAYS!! John and Jeff were soooooooo helpful and fun to be with!! Hopefully we can go back again soon when it's not so rainy.

At the beginning of our trip it was only a light rain so we were able to see some of the animals like the giraffes. So exciting!!

Later in the week we headed out to see my friend Natalie and her little girl Allie. What a cutie! The boys had a great time in their "swing".

Mr. Archie has grooved right in with the pack of dogs here. All of them get very excited when there are squirrels out from. Ofcourse this is cause for a three alarm barking session.

We have also been to the dog park a couple times. The boys LOVE to look at all the dogs and Mr. Archie is a fan too!! Not sure when we will go back though because Ms. Mia (white dog) got stung by been and almost died!! She was rushed to the ER Vet clinic and will be ok. It was close though. We love you mimi!!!

Today we went to the Downtown Aquarium. It was soooooooo fun!!! It has a little theme park attached to it with some fun rides and characters. (above 'Sharkey' with the boys, Anne, and Me)

The boys with "Sharkey". Lookin' cool guys.
They theme park area also had fair style games with bubbles blowing all around. It was really fun for the boys to run around through them!!
Jeff's new job here in Houston is running the railroad for the park. Just kidding. They had a little train that went through a shark tank.
All aboard!! Grant kept saying it and saying "honk honk, all aboard". We're ready to go!
Inside the shark tank. Grant and Daddy.
Reed and Grangie looking at the sharks.
Next was the ferris wheel. It wasn't my personal favorite but we still had a good time. (Reed and Grangie)
Daddy and Grant were in the other cab with Grandpa. We went really high up!

Next we did the carousel. We each got to pick out our own sea creature. It was fun for Jeff and I to ride next to the boys!

Around and around we go.

Last we went in the bounce house. The boys had a great time jumping around before we headed inside to eat lunch.

The inside had huge tanks full of fish. It was really neat to eat inside and feel like you were underwater. It was also really entertaining for the boys while we waited for our food.

The food was delicious and we can't wait to go back!!! We had such a great time. Thanks for the fun day G-papa and Grangie!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drive to Houston and EASTER!!

As many of you know Jeff and I were recently transfered to Houston!! We are so excited!! Before we left we got a chance to hang out with our friends from the NICU one last time!! Everytime we get together I'm always just amazed at how far all these little guys have come. It's hard to believe that not a single one of these boys started higher than 3 pounds!!!

We met at Lori's house and it was a nice day so we were able to play outside with all their fun stuff! (the playhouse was a hit)

Reed had a great time pushing his friend Whitt around the yard.

Did I mention there was a trampoline too!!!!! We slept great that night!

This is the coolest swing set too. I can't wait until we get into a new house and get one. The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave.

The view of the mountains from our house. I was walking Archie for the last time before we left on our drive down to Houston and it just hit me that this is really really pretty and I might miss it a little (a very little).
I also had a chance to visit with my good friends one last time before we left. I just love these girls!! I'm really going to miss them. Thanks for all the fun times guys. Come see me in Houston soon. (Krystal and Laurie)

In preparation for our trip I tried to get the boys to use headphones. They love the DVD players in the car and I was really hoping they would work so that I wouldn't have to hear Mickey and Cailou for 22 hours!!!!!

It worked like a charm and they got really good at it. (Reed man)

Archie rode down with us since we were driving. Archie has a bad habit of pantting when he is nervous or anxious. I was worried about this tendency of his on a 22 hour drive. Boy was I right. He got his act together later on in the drive but the first couple of hours he almost got left on the side of the road.
The boys did really well in the car and did a good job of making the most of our stops. Here they are playing in the rocks in the Mc Donalds parking lot. It was our last stop before we arrived at our stop for the night, Santa Rosa New Mexico!!

Santa Rosa had a lot to choose from. We decided to go with Denny's! The boys haven't eaten at a restaurant since they were a lot younger. They did really well and managed to keep it cool while we waited for our food.
They sat in boosters instead of high chairs (big guys) and picked their own choices off the menu!!

The next day we left just as early as we did the first (4 am) and we were in Texas before we knew it. (Grant watching Mickey)

For lunch we decided to stop at a rest stop instead of a fast food place. The weather was really nice and this way they got to run all around.
It was so nice to be able to be in SHORTS!! Especially since we literally left Salt Lake in a snow storm.

We finally made it to HOUSTON!!! It was really nice to see Grangie, G-pa-pa, aunt Lacey, and Uncle Whitney. We were also greeted with the pack of dogs. Puppy, Annie, and Mia were all hapy to see that they boys were here and that they willingly share food.

Easter Sunday came quickly after we arrived!! The Easter bunny did too.

The boys looked so cute in their Easter outfits!! Happy Easter!!!