Monday, August 20, 2012

Tahoe 2012

 We had a wonderful time in Tahoe again!!

 The lake water was beautiful and clear.

 The kids had the best time hanging out with their cousins.

 Katherine, Finn, and Alexa during the Christmas card picture session we did.

Our wonderful Katrina got tee-shirts for everyone.  Team Dronenburg shirts were the envy of the lake.

 We went out to dinner the first night, what a blast.

 The real fun always begins when Katrina gets into town, and we get to have In-N-Out burger on our way back to the resort.

Nightly s'mores are the boys favorite part of the trip.

 Kristen and Justin.

 Dad is an expert at getting all the supplies ready.

 Love family fun!!

 This year we also went bowling.

 Strike, strike, strike

Such a great trip!

Denise's visit

 It's been TOOO long since we saw auntie niessy.  We were so excited when she decided to come see us.  :) Thanks to my friend Emily and her Southwest buddy passes for making this happen!! She came for a WHOLE week and we loved every minute. We wish she could have stayed longer!

 While she was here we played lazer beam obstacle course!

 And we gave the boys supplies to make a fort!

 We also went to a moms group Christmas in July party.

We had so much fun eating breakfast in our Christmas pjs.

 I've been wanting to make a tee shirt quilt for 10 years now.  I still have all my old sorority tees.  Densie and I got busy and got really far.  Now she needs to come back so I can finish. :)

After she left we headed up to Brenham to see Aunt Karen and the cousins.  We went to a nice lunch at the local airport and headed to the Blue Belle factory for ice cream afterwards. LOVE summer!

Happy 4th of JULY!

We love the 4th in TEXAS!! With the 4th being on a Wednesday, we decided to stay put and not go up to the lake house. 

The boys loved their 4th of July outfits, daddy did not and said we can't wear john-johns anymore. :(

We went over to the Schindler's house to celebrate with them and the Millers.  We had such a fun time swimming and eating.

 I went to the fireworks stand and got a bunch of sparklers and roman candles.

 Matheson with her sparkler. 

 After that the guys headed out front to light the Roman Candles..

 Then it was August's turn.

Grant ready to light some more fireworks.

 Reed ready for the show in our front drive way.

 We had fun with this saturn missle battery. 

What a great holiday!

Birthday Party at the LAKE!!

Last year we tried to have the boys party at the lake house.  It was fun but rained the WHOLE day. So we had to try again and pray for better weather.

We invited a bunch of our close friends up for the day to swim and play on the lake with us.

 The weather was perfect!!

 Getting ready to light the candles.  The wind had to be blocked by a towel so I could get them to light.

 Grant blowing out the candles!

Reed right after he made his wish!

 Michael and Jeff took kids and dads on boat rides and tube rides. After that a bunch of friends decided to swim in the lake.

We had such a good time swimming and beating the heat.

 We are so thankful to Michael and Anne for hosting the boys party. :) Everyone had such a blast!

Jeff hanging pool side. :)

We are 5!!!

Can't believe my babies are 5!! They have come so far!! The boys woke up to a room filled with balloons on their 5th birthday.  They thought it was so fun!

 We also hung streamers on the stairway to welcome them downstairs.

 And we had the table all decorated!!

 We spent the day going to toys r us to pick out a toy and hanging by the pool. (Reed)

We also got a BIG cupcake at the store and sang happy birthday.

 Aunt Katrina sent these super cool superman shirts AND glasses.

Love my big 5 year old BOYS!

Lake fun in June

The summer for us means LAKE time!! We love to head up to the lake to visit Jeff's parents and spend some fun time in the sun!!

For their birthday, Uncle Whitney, G-Pa, Grangie, and Aunt Lacey, got the boys a ski trainer called the EZ Ski.  It has a fiberglass bottom like a ski but also has an inflated seat and tow rope.

Reed on the ski.

 Grant getting ready to head out behind the boat.

 Grant after his turn.

The boys decided to have lunch after a long day of skiing. They thought the best spot on the pool deck was under the umbrellas.

And inside the tube.

The boys with their cousin Ian. They all happen to have the same outfit. :)  

 More pics of Reed skiing.

Grant loved it. Both the boys had the best time!!