Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life with the Boys

Shortly after we got back from Texas it was off to the Dentist for us. Since the boys just turned 2, they were due for thier first trip to the dentist. It's called a happy visit because they just let them become familiar with the office, chair, lights, and equipment. Not to mention they got a new toothbrush and coins for the prize machine.

We've been doing a lot of walking lately to help burn our energy. The boys love the pretty flowers planted around the neighborhood.

Grant was being a little bit to rough with the flowers though. He would pull the blooms off and throw them.
So we started saying "Look with your eyes, not your hands. Don't touch" So they started leaning down and "looking with their eyes" while saying, "Look with your eyes" and shoving their heads in the bush.

I was on the phone one night last week while it was bath time. Jeff was kind enough to take the boys up and give them their bath while I chatted with Denise. (Grant)

When I came up, Jeff had the boys in their bathrobes. We got these when they were babies but have NEVER used them. The are very small now, but make for some cute bathers.

Look at these two cute guys. They just loved wearing their robes.

I know I already posted a video of them cleaning up the packing peanuts but, they were just so funny doing it. Whenever I get out the broom now they want to sweep too.

Last night was a bit rough in the Beck house. Grant threw his fork during dinner and it hit Reed in the eye. You can see the two little puncture wonds.

It looks much better today, even though it's a little black and blue. We went into urgent care last night to make sure he didn't get his eyeball. He missed it by like 2mm. It sure is scary when you see blood coming from the eye area. I think we might switch back to plastic forks for a while though.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Few Fun Videos

Grant was having breakfast and insisted on having his frog join him. Who can blame him though, no one likes to eat alone.

Grandpa sent the boys some bikes and the packing peanuts left a snow storm behind. The boys were kind enough to help me clean up. They kept saying "Huge Mess". Turn it up and you can catch Grant saying it. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eating Dirt

Caught the boys in the act of eating sand from their sand table while I was making lunch for them. So gross.

Monday, August 17, 2009

August Days...

Things have been a little busy since we got back from Texas. But luckily the weather has been really really nice. Along with a sand table the boys got a picnic/water table from Grandpa and Emmy for their birthday. We have been LOVING it lately.

One of their favorite things to do it to take the water (one cup at a time) from the table to the plants to water them. It doesn't bother me because sure does occupy their time. :)

I would feel comfortable testifying in front of a grand jury that the boys hearing is 100%. They love the trash truck that comes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They can hear that truck as soon as it enters the complex and run around the house yelling "big truck, big truck, big truck" until I open the blinds and let them watch. They love to watch him dump his dumpster. So cute.

While we were in Texas the boys became fond of all the dogs. Grangie has Niki dog, Aunt Lacey and Uncle Whitney have Annie dog and Mimi dog. The boys named their dogs when we got home. Reed's (the blue one) is Niki dog and Grant's (Green one) is Mimi dog. They carry them all around the house and try to feed them. It's so cute to watch.

Lunch outside has been fun lately. The weather is so nice in the shade that we eat lunch almost every day out there. It's great.

Every morning I drink my coffee and read my book while the boys sit next to me and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So the other day I found Reed sitting on the couch (in the same spot) reading his book and eating his snack. What's the saying about imitation??

We have also recently discovered the joy that is the otter pop. I have been fighting the summer heat with the sprinklers in the backyard. And what goes better with a sprinkler than an otter pop?? (Grant)

We have a blast each afternoon playing in the sprinkler and with our water table. Rumor has it we have our cool pool from Texas coming to Salt Lake we are so lucky!!

My other discovery in Texas was that I can add "safety hinges" to the toy box. So after we got home I headed off to Lowe's to buy some. Jeff put them on for me and now we can leave the lid up safely. The funny part is that now the boys take all the toys out and sit in the box. But hey, it sure does keep them busy and quiet.

Since the boys are older we've been letting them walk with us on our walks instead of riding in their cars. They take turns walking Archie too. Archie is a good sport and Reed LOVES it.

The whole time we walk he just keeps saying, "come on Mister Archie" It's really really funny.

I don't know about anyone else, but one of my childhood memories is of push ups. I LOVED them. My dad would get a BIG box from Costco (Price Club back then) and we would just suck them down. I remember that there were several different flavors and we ate all the good ones first and orange was always last to get eaten. (Reed)

So yesterday while I was shopping for the week (alone and very happy) I found them in the freezer section and decided to pass on the tradition. (Grant)

So the boys and I had our push ups and then we had to rinse off in the hose. Gotta love summer!! (Reed)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Texas Part 2

Jeff arrived early on Friday and we headed to the boat dock to do some swimming and jet skiing. We thought the boys were old enough this year to take a ride on the jetski with daddy.

Grangie got Reed into his lifevest and brought him down. (Their new lot in the background with a new bulkhead)

All ready to go and grandpa gave him a push. Reed was so excited (mainly just to "drive")

Grant got upset that he didn't get to go until Aunt Lacey started helping him into his vest for his turn.

Daddy and Reed.

Instead of sending Grant with daddy we decided to make it a family trip.

One big happy family having fun on the Lake. :)

Since the boys are not expert swimmers, Grandpa thought ahead and got them their own pool for the house. Thanks again Grandpa.

This cool pool had a slide and a fountain of water. The boys had a BLAST splashing and playing in the water.

Last year we had to go to the community pool or as we named it "the loosers club" this year we decided to make the loosers club cooler by making it exclusive. (drinks allowed)

Aunt Lacey being a super Aunt and helping the boys go down the slide over and over and over and over again. Later we moved the pool so that the slide was pointing down hill. This way they needed no help.

After the boys went to bed we went fishing on the dock. Grangie goes to bed early and is nice enough to keep an ear on the babies so that we can go fish. Lacey and I had a great time with the boys watching them reel them in.

Michael came down just in time to help clean the fish and put them in the freezer.

After the weekend we all headed back to Houston. Jeff, Anne, the babies and I went to Brenham to visit Jeff's Granny. Here she is with Grant.

Both the boys were very interested in her necklace and earring. We had a nice luch with her and then were off to Houston to meet up with the rest of the fam.
On Wednesday the boys and I headed to the Ramsey's house to meet up with some of my friends from my teaching days. We got to see Angel, Kristen, and Beth. AND all their kiddos. What's funny to me is that when we first met Kristen had one baby and now she has 4!!! Now I look and see all these kids and think WOW! Where does the time go?

The boys were not being very good friends at first. But after their nap they were behaving much better. Their favorite toys were the baby strollers.

Grant and his baby.

Reed and his baby. :)

Beth was super sweet with the boys and they naturally took a liking to her.

They just kept trying to give her kisses. :) We miss you Beth!! Hope to see you soon!!

Reed also feel in love with Preston's bug glasses.

He always likes glasses, but these were really funny to see on him. Thanks again Kristen for hosting us at your house we had a great time.

On Thursday we headed back to Discovery Greens downtown with my friend Natalie.

Natalie and I have been friends since high school and were so excited to find her living in Houston now.

Jeff keeping an eye on the boys.

Natalie's sweet little Allie.

We had such a great time with everyone while we were there. We wish we could be back again soon. Aunt Lacey and Grangie were so helpful. Lacey and I got to go to the movies AND get a pedicure. Thanks again guys!! We love you!!

We left Houston on Thursday and headed back to the lake one final time. Reed was obsessed with the golf cart. He loved to climb in and "drive". He even had special sunglasses (of Grangie's) that were his driving glasses. He only wanted wear them when he was driving. I tried to get a better picture but this was the best I could do. :) Maybe next time.

We flew back to Salt Lake on Monday and are missing our hot humid weather. Love you guys tons. Thanks again for a fabulous vacation!