Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa and a Gingerbread House

It's that time of year again!! WE got our annual picture with Santa done last weekend. We had a lot of fun this year. Grant decided he didn't want to sit on his lap and started screaming. BUT he sat there long enough to look at the ball the photographer was holding and we got a pic. Reed was more than willing, as usual, to talk to a stranger. So far we have not had an experience that would prevent us from coming back! Thanks to the big guy!

This year we decided to add the tradition of building a family gingerbread house!! We got a really cool kit at Costco and decided to give it a go. Mommy built the structure (it leans a little) and daddy did the exterior.

The boys had a really good time helping us decorate the house. Grant really wanted to eat the candy and we kept telling him no. So instead he would put it in his mouth for a quick taste and then stick it on the house.

The finished product. Can you tell they "helped"?

Jeff put the boys on the counter to watch him shave. They were more interested in my make up brushes. So he let them "put on make up" too.

Grant and his make up.

OK so on Sunday night Reed was eating some salad that had chopped almonds in it. He didn't say anything and I didn't see anything but as I was cleaning him up he kept saying "I have a peanut in my nose." I didn't understand or believe him at first. So I got out a flashlight and sure enough he had an almond "peanut" up his nose. Before I rushed to the ER I plugged one side of his nose and told him to blow. He did and it came shooting out. (the nut above)

So naturally after we did all of this we had to take turns looking in eachothers noses with the flashlight. Here's Grant looking in Reed's nose.

And here he is looking in his own nose.

Since the weather has been REDICULOUSLY cold, we decided to go to our FAV in door play place. It's a regional restaurant called Arctic Circle. They have the cleanest most wonderful indoor play place. The boys can do the WHOLE thing alone and there isn't usually anyone else there. (at 3:30 pm)
The boys even got a free cone to eat as a little play break. LOVE it! Did I mention that it's literally a stone's throw from our house? It's super super close too.

Reed and his cone. Gotta love some Arctic Circle!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a very nice low-key Thanksgiving this year. We stayed home in Utah because Jeff was on call. SO we were invited to Sam's house (wonderful lady that works with Jeff). She invited us to her sister-in-law's house for some turkey and fun. (Reed with his turkey)

It was really nice because Jo (Sam's sister-in-law) has a little boy that is just a little older than the boys. They had a great time at the kid table together.

We had a great time, played lots of fun games together, and enjoyed the good food. What a nice way to spend a holiday. No crazy airports for us.

After Thanksgiving DAY was over, we went back to normal weekend habits. LIKE watching the boys while I did some internet Christmas shopping. It was so quiet I came to peek and found my babysitter sleeping on the job. It was ok with me though because the boys were happy watching Cailou. (Note: even Arhie Dog was sleeping on the job)

I've had these puzzles for FOREVER and the boys have always just been destructive with them. UNTIL now. I got them out again and they are actually ready to use them for their intended purpose. JOY.

Here's a little video of them playing with their puzzles.