Tuesday, January 10, 2012

San Diego/Disneyland

The boys had their annual pic with Santa! They got to tell him every thing they want for Christmas.

We also made a gingerbread house again this year!

My little helpers.

They loved the icing part.

After school was out for Christmas we got on a plane and headed to San Diego to see my family. First stop, In and Out burger.

The next day I got to celebrate my 32nd birthday with my family!! It was so much fun to see everyone.

After that we headed to Disneyland for the boys' first trip!! We had a BLAST.

Alexa and Me in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Walking down Main St. In all the years I've been to Disneyland, I've never been at Christmas time. It was a neat experience.

Kristen, Denise, and Justin.

Our first ride was Dumbo.

Up so HIGH!!

Waiting our turn for It's a Small World.

It was cool out but not too cold. Great weather for walking around all day. Love these girls!

Emmy and I waiting in line. We were so happy she came with us!!

Reed and I about the get on the Matterhorn. It was his favorite ride.

Here we gooooo.....

We only got our PICTURE with one character. We saw lots of them and just waved.

Pluto and Justin

These sweet boys had a great time.

Inside the Haunted Mansion.

No flash photography Reed Michael.

It's a small world all light up for the night.

Our splash mountain photo! You can't see Justin's head or face but he's behind Alexa. :)

A few days later we did the Parade of lights in Del Mar with Kristin Frankwick and her girls.

Macie girl.

We spent the night at Denise's house and Kristin came out to see us one more time before she had to go back to Phoenix.

The last night of our visit we had our mini family Christmas at the farm. Anders opening his gifts from us.

Finn opening his gifts

Catherine loved her art supplies.

Dad and Kristen wearing their new blue vests. Everyone got one.....

The boys had a great time in San Diego. Thanks to all of our family and friends!! We love you and miss you so much!! Special thanks to Anita and Jim for the Disneyland tickets!! We had a great time.

Christmas 2011

Back in Houston after a full week in San Diego. We had a great time there but were glad to be home to see our family and start the Christmas Festivities. Only in Texas can you heat the pool and spa and swim on Christmas Eve (ok, I know you can do it other places, but it was really neat) and enjoy the mild climate.

Reed swimming around the pool!!

After that we decided to make some Christmas cookies for sAnTa!!!

Reed was ready to eat them and taste his handy work

Both the boys made Reindeer food at school.

We left it on the lawn for the Reindeer to eat!!

Just before bed we put out our cookies and egg nog for Santa!!

OH boy!!

The next morning we went up stairs and santa had come to see us!!!

Grant got the SWAT costume he had wanted!

Grangie playing hungry, hungry, hippos with the boys.

Ian was so cute!! He loved looking at all the gifts.

After lunch we went over to Great Grandpa Jess's house to open more presents.

Ian loved his toys (with help from a very pregnant Lacey)

The boys had a lot of fun opening gifts with their cousins.

Grant's turn! He got a really cool Dinosaur train.

Reed got a McDonald's drive through set!

Jeff and Anne helping Zach with his new boots.

Reed's so excited!! Working on more pics from New Year's......