Monday, July 28, 2008


The boys are very mobile lately. Grant really likes to "crawl" up to us and climb up. They are both doing an "army" crawl but go to their hands and knees sometimes. They are also starting to pull up on things. I think walking is not too far off.

Ouch, my eye!

Poor Grant has suffered the first twin to twin injury. On Saturday the boys were playing and Grant started crying. This is not terribly uncommon because Reed tends to be a bit of a toy theif. Anyway, I look down and see that Grant has a bloody eye. I remain calm and discover that Reed has taken a small bucket from Grant and now Grant has a bloody black eye. Fortunately it was only a small cut and stopped bleeding right away, and the black part was more like gray. It just gave me a glimps into my future.

Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego Trip

On Friday the 11th on July the babies and I took off for San Diego. My wonderful friend Katrina decided to drive down with me, what a saint. Here is Reed ready to leave.
We left around nap time and headed to Vegas for the night. Grant was already sleepy, too bad he didnt' sleep much in the car.

We arrived on Saturday just in time for my high school reunion (10 years), and my niece Alexa helped me with the babies.

My adorable nephew Justin Michael was there too. He is so cute he needed is own picture on the blog.

On Sunday after the reunion, we headed to my aunt Denise's house for some swimming and fun. Reed loved riding the floats in the pool.

My cousin Julia and her boyfriend Derek, helped with the babies in the pool. She is a swim teacher so I felt good about it. :)

Grant was practicing his cannon ball.

Reed liked the hot tub better.

My swimming guys.

On Monday we headed to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Katrina and I had fun but it was HOT.
The boys' and I met my sister there with Alexa and Justin. She was sooooo good with the babies. She carried Reed for a while and that's not easy at 21 pounds.
In Gorilla tropics the boys wanted their picture taken with the bronze gorillas.

It was such a long day that the boys were ready for bed a little early. They are big boys now and feed themselves. It sure is easier for me. They like to watch their movie at night to help them unwind.

These big boys also can sit in a booster seat to eat. Pardon my messy hair, it was early morning.
Grant was so proud of himself for sitting at the table at my dad's house.

So was Reed. I can't believe how big they are getting. They have tons of teeth. Grant has two on top and Reed has 1 and part of the second. Grant has 4 on the bottom and Reed has 3 and part of his 4th. Soon they will be walking!!

San Diego Trip 2

While we were in San Diego we got good at giving the boys a bath in the tub without a baby seat. They love to splash around and eat the bath toys. Grant loves that duck.

What bath picture is complete without the mohawk pose? We are working on more hair to have better hawks.

The boys and I went down to my Aunt Denise's house to spend the night. She invited aunt Dorothy over to see the babies. Aunt Dorothy is actually my dad's aunt so her is Reed with his Great-Great-Aunt. Wow!
Denise and Kristen thought it was only appropriate to celebrate the boys' birthday again in San Diego. So they got a cake and they boys got to hear happy birthday one more time.
I'll have to post the after pictures later. What a mess.

To wrap up the week, we went to lunch in downtown S.D. with my dad at landmark Anthony's fish grotto. The weather was perfect and our table was right on the water.

Grant was really ready for his food.

So he ate a lemon. He kept making a terrible face, but kept eating it.

Then for dinner on Friday night we had the whole fam up to the farm for dinner. There were so many kiddos they got their own "table" on the grass. The boys wanted to be a part of the fun and ate crackers on the lawn too.

The boys were very interested in my dad's computer bag. They thought if they would work together they could figure out how to open it.

Two heads are better than one they say. If only they could have figured it out, oh well, soon enough they will. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th

Every year the Cape at the Lake has a 4th of July boat parade. We went to Jeff's parent's new lot and boathouse to see the parade. Ofcourse we rode there on the golf cart in style.

Grant had to sit on the back.

The parade went right by the new lot and boathouse. We can't wait for next year when we can watch from a finished boathouse.

Hanging out on the dock watching the parade of boats. Next year we will hopefully be in the parade with uncle Whit's boat. :)


We always have watermelon on the 4th. Here is Grant with his first taste.

Reed is not sure if he likes it or not. They did end up finishing it all.

And They're Off!!

The boys have finally figured out how to army crawl around. The only problem is now they get into trouble together.

They did not want to stay away from the suitcases or the fireplace tools. Those are two very guilty faces. T-r-o-u-b-l-e

Hangin' in Texas

We went from Houston to the Lake house to hang with the family. Jeff got in on the 28th and we were so happy to see him. Grandpa's dog "puppy" got the royal treatment from the babies. Here they have decorated her for fun. She is such a good sport.

The boys got the program very quickly. We all just kind of hang around and talk. They really like it when uncle Whit's dog Annie hangs with them too.

Look at us, we're just hangin' on the porch.