Friday, August 22, 2008


Now that both the boys can pull up, they are always trying to escape their play room. (Reed left)
Poor Mr. Archie hides on top of the couch to get away.

Egg on My Face

I gave the boys eggs for the first time. It didn't go over as well and I had hoped. I thought they would love them. The only part they loved was rubbing it in their hair.

Reed was not a fan

Grant would take a bite and then spit it out. We'll keep trying though. I think they will like them eventually.

Naps are for Babies!!

Grant has been able to stand up in his crib for about two weeks now. Reed was still having trouble with it, until the other day. I walked in after nap time and found two babies standing up and talking to eachother.
Reed thinks it's fun to laugh and scream at Grant. He also enjoys pulling things off the changing table into his crib, like baby wipes and pjs.

What a pair!

Aunt Karen Comes for a visit

Jeff's Aunt Karen came down from Canada for a visit. It was so fun to see her and all of the cousins. Here's Cody (13) with the twins at the zoo. What a blast. Too bad it was all UP hill!!

Daddy with the babies on the Rino. It wasn't easy to get them to hold still for the photo opp.

Mr. Reed took his cousin Henry's cup of juice. He decided that he would like some apple juice too. And he also took a liking to Zack's hat.

Their cousin Zack (5) let Grant wear his new sunglasses. What a cool looking dude!

Zack is such a good cousin!! We miss them already!!

Mom's in Trouble

Now that the babies are so very mobile, they get into EVERYTHING!! Mr. Grant Whitney thinks he needs to take the books and DVDs off the shelf.

He's just picking out a DVD and doing some light reading from "What to Expect when you're expecting"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Trip to Tahoe

We just got back from our family trip to Lake Tahoe. We had such a great time. The boys had a blast with all their cousins. The second day we were there my sister and I took the boys to south Tahoe to do some shopping. The boys had their very first quesadilla at lunch. They loved it; Ole

The resort had several beautiful pools. We spent some time in the big pool with Jusitn.

My sister helped me with the boys. She is such a good aunt.

We also were able to hit the beach. The boys had to stay in their cars because they eat the sand. YUCK!!
Finn-Erik and Katherine were such good helpers with the babies. Here they are in their "hot tub".

Jeff and I could not get over how beautiful it was. The water was chilly but so amazing. Next year we won't be able to tear the boys out of the water.

Grant got hungry and thirsty while we were sitting so he decided to take a look at the menu.

The resort has a great kids pool that is only 18" deep. It was perfect for all the kids to splash around in.

Grant surprised us all when he decided to pull up for the first time on one of the sun chairs.

That's trouble.

After long days in the sun, the boys relaxed in the hotel tub.

WE are so blessed. These two are just growing like weeds!!