Monday, January 17, 2011

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!

Happy New Year!! We started the celebration a little early with a Baylor Trip to the Texas Bowl!!! Bears in the HOUSE!! Grant and Reed got some Baylor t-shirts for Christmas from Uncle Whitney and Aunt Lacey (former bears also) and insisted on wearing them.

They also insisted on sporting their new shirts from Indiana. Thanks Jeff (my friend Jeff Toby)!!

For Christmas Whitney and Lacey got me a ticket to the Texas Bowl to watch our Bears play!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!

Lacey and I at the game.

My bears didn't win, but we had GREAT time.

Maybe next year Baylor. (WE had really good seats too :))

A few days later we rang in the New YEAR!! Hello 2K11!! Jeff and I went to see Black Swan in celebration, it was really good. We got home about an hour before midnight and rang in the new year. Our neighbors were nice enough to provide a small homemade fireworks show for us.

The next day Ian stopped by to play and hang out. He also brough Whitney and Lacey. We had our cabbage for wealth and our black eyed peas for luck. 2011 should be a good year.

We had Henry, Zack, and Cody for five days after Christmas, and they were able to help us celebrate the new year. I love it when they all watch a movie together (mainly because they're all quiet) five boys are very LOUD.

The weather was cold enough for a fire, and Ms. Mimi Rodriguez approved. She layed in front of the fire for a long time. TOO cute Mimi.

Totally random, but the boys have been going to sleep in some ODD positions lately. I just can't help but take pictures. We find them sitting up, upside down, and turned around. Reed is the far bed. facing the wrong way and out of the covers.

Boating this time of year is mainly a male activity. It's just TOO cold on the water for the women and children. :) The Beck's neighbor was kind enough to shoot this pic of the boys while the were leaving the doc at the house. Looking good boys!

Meanwhile in San Diego......a one Ernest J. Dronenburg was being inagurated as the NEW county assessor/recorder/clerk. The whole gang.

The swearing-in ceremony.

Some words of wisdom, I'm sure. (Go Kris with the short hair, you're rockin' it!)

Love you dad!