Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun in Feb

The future Mr. Q and Ms. U. Let me explain. During the week of fairy-tales at the boys school they have a wedding for the letters Q and U. Since they are always together it's fun to pretend they get married. Reed was chosen to be Mr. Q and our friend Morgan was chosen to be Miss U.

All the kids that are not chosen for the wedding party attend the wedding as Royal Guests. Since Grant wasn't chosen he got to wear a king costume and come as a royal guest. :)

The happy couple getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Mr. Q coming down the aisle.

One of the junior pastors at the church reads a cute little something about q and u.
Grant being a great royal guest.

The couple exchange "quarters" instead of rings.

Mr and Mrs. QU

Going down the hall as the guests blow bubbles for them.

What a cute couple!!

My Friend Melissa, the mother of the bride.

Aunt Lacey and Grangie came to see the wedding.

The mother of the groom and the groom himself.

The royal ball after the ceremony.

Even baby Spencer came to see the wedding.

Reed dancing it up.

Grant dancing with Morgan.

Doing the Limbo.

We went to dinner with the Beltz family the next night. :) These two are so funny together.

Valentine's day came quickly afterwards.

We had our annual heart shaped pizza and chocolate dipped strawberries. Fun family dinner.

We have been looking to get a new dog for a while now. So I thought I'd start with a big bed for our new dog. Archie loved this bed and thought it was kind of us to get him such a large new bed. :)

A few days later we met our new baby. Miss Lucy

She is about 18 months/2 years old and so much fun.

She's house trained and loves to play. She got so tired from playing that she laid down in the middle of the kitchen. We love her!!

January '12 Brings a nEw BaBy!!!!

January has been so much fun. We started off with a NEW BABY!! We got to spend the night with Mr. Ian at our house while his mommy got ready to have baby Spencer. The boys loved having him around.

While the boys were at school, and Lacey was having a baby, Ian and I went to the park with some friends.

Going UP the slide, why not.

Swinging with Aunt Steph

Spencer Locke Beck born on Jan. 19th weighing in at 7 pounds 3 oz.

Uncle Whit is now a dad of two!

Sweet baby

Spencer, like Ian, had to spend a couple of hours in the NICU. No big deal just labored breathing.

One proud Auntie.

Look at that cute face!!

The boys have a new love, super heroes. (Batman Reed)

They LOVE to pretend they are Batman and Robin, or Batman and Superman.

Running all around the house fighting crime.

Jeff took the boys to the Dad's lunch at school. They made ties for their dads and told their teachers why they love their dads. Here's what Reed had to say.

And Grant...

We've been trying to learn how to ride with NO training wheels, it's going ok.

We also had a quick trip to the dentist when Reed hit his mouth and had a loose tooth. After X-Rays we found out that the teeth are loose because they are getting ready to fall out!! NOT because he hit his mouth!! Grant's are just as loose!!

Some friends playing on the playground after school. :)

New Year's Eve

Trying to get caught up after the holidays. :) Thought I'd jump back to New Year's Eve. We spent it at the lake house with the rest of the Becks. What New Year's celebration is complete without fireworks??

Lacey and I stopped and got a bunch of fun for the boys to light off. Ian's ready!!

He liked it but would get a little nervous at the BIG BOOM!

Uncle Whit is about to light off another one.

We love to watch them sparkle.

Jeff launches one out into the lake.

The boys really enjoyed the sparklers.

We showed them how to write their name with them.

And around and around they went.

More big BOOOOOOM.

So pretty!!

The weather was SO nice over the holiday the boys got to do lots of trips out on the boat. Too cold for women and children, but perfect for the guys.

We spent a lot of time just enjoying the nice weather at the park.