Monday, January 25, 2010

January Fun?

The winter blues, cabin fever, call it whatever you want, we have it at the Beck house. We are SOOOOOO ready for spring/summer!! Last week was a regular heat wave here in Utah and we saw some sunny days with 40 degree weather!! Break out the tank tops. Since it was down right swealtering, we went out front to throw around the balls and ride bikes. The boys almost didn't know what to think. It was actually warm enough to not have their gloves on them (which the HATE) so that was nice. AND it's been fairly snow free so the streets are dry enough to play on. Trying to find the bright side here. :) We long for the days of sweat and sprinklers. To talk the boys back in the house (after 45 min. of outdoor fun) I had to promise hot chocolate. (Reed)

They boys really really liked drinking it and had a good time saying, "MMMM, it's warm" (Grant)

Being the creative problem solover that I am, I figured out the value that comes with an icecream cone from McDonalds. .40 + .40= Two happy little boys.

Not to mention the personal joy of watching them eat it. :) It's a sight to behold.

Potty training update. Not much to update, they aren't. Grant wanted to try and use the potty yesterday and so we let him. He stood there for a good 5 solid minutes with no results. But look at those cute buns! He does insist on standing (know idea why) and has to have the elmo seat on the potty. Hey if it works I'll take it. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few Videos

It's been kind of boring around here. Not much to report. The boys learned how to sing their ABC's. Enjoy

Reed hates the car wash. It just cracks us up. By the end he was sitting in my lap.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs and HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!

The snow was falling in Salt Lake before we left on our trip to San Diego for the Christmas Holiday. Jeff and the boys took advantage and made a big snowman.

The boys helping daddy build him.

Reed kept patting him and "helping".

Then it was off to San Diego for us. My cousin Julia flew out to SLC to drive down with me and the boys. Once we were there it was nothing but 70 degree weather for us!!! What a treat. The boys had a great time playing with their cousins at the park. WE were just beyond excited that we could be outside this time of year!

On the 19th we celebrated my 30th birthday with a party put on by my wonderful family. (Thanks Dad and Emmy) Julia held Reed while I had Grant and the boys helped me blow out my candles.

My sisters and me at the party. Looking good ladies.

My wonderful Aunt Denise also helped me celebrate. Anyone else see the resemblence? After the party the boys and I headed down to her house to spend a couple of days hanging out with her and Julia and Uncle Bruce. Love you guys, the boys had a great time.

While the boys were with Denise and Julia, Kristen, Doug and I went to the SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS game with my dad. We took the trolley down to the stadium with LOTS of other fans. It was so crowded but tons of fun. Kris with the hord of other Charger fans. GO BOLTS!

Doug and I trying to squeeze so that others could get on.

Half time at the game with Dad. We got him a cool new jersey for Christmas so he doesn't have to borrow Kris's from Albertson's anymore. :)

To make the whole trip even better the Chargers WON!

After Denise's house we went to Kristen's house for the night and had fun with Alexa and Justin. Here is Alexa cuddled up with Reed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Kris had to run off to her office Christmas Party (of 4) so I made Christmas Cupcakes with Alexa and Justin during nap time. They were delish.

Finally Jeff came in on the 23rd and we were off to Christmas Eve festivities on the 24th. We went to a party at my Aunt Anita's house (had a great time) and the boys got all "fancy" Reed in his fancy clothes with mommy.

All the kids dressed up at the party. (baby Paul)

My fancy guy in his fancy clothes. Lookin sharp Reed.

Grant by the tree at Dad's house.

My party guys. How dapper.

The next morning was really really exciting. Santa came and brought a lot of presents for all of us. Kris, Alexa, Justin, Doug and Aqua (the dog) came up early (with starbucks) to open presents. Alexa and Justin told Santa that they would be at Grandpa's to open presents and sure enough Santa left their gifts here too!! It was sooooooo fun to open gifts with EVERYONE!

The boys checking out what Santa left them in their stocking.

Grant got some new DVDs. COOL

And Santa brought some Mickey TOYS!! Just what they asked for!!

Then it was time for a big family breakfast. Jeff and Emmy were in charge. They did a great job.

The boys ejoyed their Christmas breakfast. Libby dog was there to pick up anything that fell on the floor. What a helper!

Then it was off to Denise's house for dinner. We had a blast with all of uncle Bruce's family and playing outside. You totally take it for granted when you grow up in San Diego that you can play outside in 70 degree weather on Christmas. We LOVED it.

So my dad has this John Deer tractor for all the grandkids. What a hit with the boys this is!! Reed loves to "drive" and Grant runs the gas. What a team.

Reed had the wheel turned at a certain angle so they just went in a big circle. It was still entertaining.

We also got to go for some nice long walks around the farm just ejoying being outside and in the nice weather. You can tell these two aren't living in Utah. They had on parkas for 55 degree weather. That's almost shorts weather. They sure do look cute though.

Jeff got a turn on the tractor too.

Grandpa also blew up the bounce house. The boys (all 3 of them) had a great time jumping.

It's really cool and has a slide too!!

It was a great way to burn off some energy. They slept soooooo well.

While we were at Auntie Kristen's house the boys decided to play in Aqua's kennel. Alexa and Justin thought it was really funny that both of the boys could fit in.

We LOVE this dog. Aqua is my sisters newest family member. What a good looking guy.

He went most places we did. Aqua and Kris at the park. To put into perspective how tall he is, my sister is 6 feet tall.

What a cutie!

Sadly we did have to come back to Salt Lake city and be among the snow again. BUT the good news is that we got to have Anne and Michael a few days later. They came to Salt Lake to ring in the new year with us. Reed in his party hat. What a party animal.
Grant would not wear the hat but here he is with his horn. Bring on Midnight!

We didn't make it to midnight but we celebrated New York New Years and had a blast watching the Hangover.

What a great year 2009 has been. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends and family to share in our lives. We love you all and miss you all very much. Keep your fingers crossed for us over the next few days and weeks. Hopefully some good changes will be coming our way.

Some videos from the trip:

The boys on the tractor.

The bounce house Monkies.