Monday, July 26, 2010

Stop....Potty Time

Today is exactly 3 weeks of potty training the boys. We are so proud of how well they are doing!!

They are getting better and better about going peepee in the potty. Not so much on #2. Reed was helping Grant by reading "Everyone Poops" to him while he sat.

Needless to say we've been close to home latley. So we have to think of things to do. Like have a backyard picnic.

We packed lunches and headed out. The boys thought it was so much fun!

To help motivate the boys to poop in the potty we have been buying them toys when they do. Reed got this bat and ball after a successful trip to the potty. Grant did not. That was a hard trip to Wal-Mart.
Reed was nice enough to let Grant play with him. He got to hold the ball for Reed while he was the batter. Neither one understood that you are supposed to throw the ball. So Reed just started swinging away and hit Grant in the face. :(

After I showed them it went a little better. The good news is that Grant had a good trip to the potty that night and got a bat and ball of his own. :)

We've had a few more #2 accidents but we are really starting to get it. Last night they both went and they got to have some golf clubs.

It's going to look like a sporting goods store in my house by the time we are done. Good thing Wal-Mart toys are cheap.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th!!

What a busy busy week leading up to the 4th of JULY!! It all started with Krystal's trip down to Houston from Salt Lake for the ECLIPSE premier!!!! We had a GREAT time. IT was soooooo much fun. We had our traditional party before heading over to the theater to catch the 12:01 showing!! It was amazing!! Best one yet!!!

Our friend Rob (Edward) stopped by the party to hang with us because we are super cool!!

The theater we went to this time was different and CRAZY. There were lines everywhere and it was packed!! We still got good seats and got them together. It was a late night but sooooooo worth it!! I want to see it 100 more times. Can't wait for the next one but it's not until 2011!!! UGH!!

The same day I took Krystal to the airport I picked up Katrina!! I'm a lucky girl!! She came into town to go see Wicked with us on Saturday. It was SOOOOO good. We had a nice lunch with Lacey and Anne and then saw the matinee. Like our shirts?!?!? What's an event without a shirt???

I'm a Yankee doodle dandy..... Happy 4th!! We didn't get to do anything exciting on the actual 4th. Katrina had to leave (booooo) and Jeff was on call (double boooo). So we hung at the house and didn't do anything exciting.

These two are getting more and more difficult when it comes to taking their pics!! HOLD still and look at mommy!!

While we were at Wicked the guys were busy building the swing set!! They got as far as they could considering the fire ant problem and the fact that we didn't have all the right pieces.

Jeff finished it the next day and the boys LOVE it!! Thanks again G-pa and Grangie.

Each morning when they wake up they say "Can I play with my swing set?"

It's sooooo nice to have it right here in our own yard!!

We're loving life here at the Beck house!

Go Reed go!!

While we were waiting for Daddy to finish building it Grant was singing for me. This wheel goes with the swing set. Too cute!!