Monday, May 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The boys are getting so big!! I've really been trying to let them do more on their own (since they are going to pre-school in the fall) and not do everything for them. So, they can put on their crocs without any help!!! The only problem is that they don't always get them on the right feet. It's toooo cute!!

We love being back in Texas for the warm weather and the TEXAS rainstorms!!! On Friday afternoon the sky turned black and then opened up. It was so fun for Jeff and I to see it again and to let the boys to run around in the rain.

Look at those smiling faces!! They had such a great time. The best part was no bath in the tub. They had a bath from nature.

Most of our time has been just consumed with swimming lessons!! Both the boys were a little unsure of the water, the teacher, and the actual swimming part.

For two lessons both of them cried the WHOLE time. They did get over it and started to participate nicely. Reed boy getting his swim on.

Look at Reed go to the edge!!

Here's a little video of Grant swimming to the edge. They are getting so good so fast!! We can't wait to go to the lake house and practice. We sure do LOVE Miss Whiteny and all her swimming help. 5 more lessons to go and then watch out Micahel Phelps.

The boys have gotten really really good at riding their tricycles now. Usually when I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner or putting stuff away, the boys ride their bikes in the garage. We have also stopping watching Mickey and LOVE "Go Diego". They love to ride in the garage saying "Go Diego Go!!" It's too cute. I'll try and get a better video of it. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We've been soaking up the rays and learning to deal with the humidity down here in Houston. It's been non-stop fun since we got here! Grangie and G-papa's house on the lake is nearly finished and we can hardly wait. We went up a few weekends ago and had a great time playing in the finished pool.

The boys are loving the "baja shelf" and it's 6" depth. They had such a great time just playing and splashing around. We also became very aware of the fact that the boys need swimming lessons like yesterday. So we have started, pictures to come shortly.

The house isn't done yet and doesn't have anything in it yet so we had a picnic lunch on a moving blanket. It was a lot of fun.

Back in Houston the boys have been very helpful with the daily chores. Especially watering the fountain and plants. Taking turns is sooooooo hard when you're 3!!!

This past weekend we had a really nice mother's day with the family. Jeff and I stayed behind while the others went to see Granny in Brenham. Hopefully next year Jeff's won't be on-call and we can go too!! I got some cute new shoes from my boys that I had my eye on. Lacey got a pair too!!! We are such lucky moms!!

The boys having fun with Uncle Whitney trying to put him in "time-out".