Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

December 23rd came and we were off to Texas for the holidays. Grant helped me pack for the trip. SO helpful.

We got ourselves ready and were off ot the airport. We thought our 4 pm flight was going to be difficult because it's not the BEST time of day for the boys. They did very well though and we made it.

Grangie and Grandpa had the house decorated so nicely for us. We were so excited to see the stockings hung and the tree so bright. Not to mention the tons of presents!!

They had wisely decided to put the tree on top of a table so that it wasn't too much temptation for the boys.

Grant and Jeff pose for me by the tree on Christmas Eve.

WE all got to open one present on Christmas eve. The boys opened a bunch of cars from the Great Grandma. Thanks Granny!!

Jeff and Whitney got really cool hats that have lights in the bill. SO COOL!!

Two cool guys.

WE had a great time sitting around and watching everyone open presents. I got a new charm for my charm bracelet.

The next morning was tons of fun. WE woke up to find that Santa had come and brought an ELMO!!! And two really cool ponies. (stuffed)

We had a blast opening the gifts. The boys got toys and clothes and so did I. Thanks for such a great Christmas. Then Grandpa made is wonderful sausage gravy and biscuits. SO YUMMY!!! We got to spend most of our time outside because the weather was like 70. Such a treat for us. We went to the dog park and the movies. We also did some shopping. Can't wait for next year. :

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

My birthday was on Wednesday and the guys got me my favorite icecream cake. It was to best.

It was so much fun to share my b-day with my guys. For once Jeff took the pictures while I got to hold the babies.

They really wanted to touch the candles and then they helped my blow them out.

Afterwards we let them have some icecream cake. They really didn't know what to think. They like cake and they like icecream, but it was so cold. They kept trying to pick it up and hold it. (Reed)

They finally figured it out and really liked it.

Grant's all done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Done-Baby Sign

So I've been teaching the boys sign language and it's actually worked. They can do "more", because it's related to food, and they can do "all done". This video is of them doing "all done". They are so cute that instead of saying "all done" it sounds more like "da done". Anyway, the sign is taking two hands and flipping them out like you are shooing (sp?) something away. So they get close on the sign and the word, not bad. They have also started to be a little funny with it, like saying all done and lauging because they're not. (Grant Left, Reed Right)

I'll try and get a video of them doing "more". It's not too hard as long as I have some sort of food they like.

So we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and I got the boys some juice boxes. At first I was helping the boys hold them and I was feeding them the juice. Finally I let them try and they loved it. What big boys. Here's Reed Michael with his box.

Cutie pies.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I guess I was going for something more like these:

Maybe next year.

If the link doesn't come up you can google scared of santa and chicago tribune.

Ho Ho Ho

On Sunday we took the boys to see Santa at the mall. We've been working on saying "santa" and we've been saying "ho ho ho", but the boys haven't said either. So I was all excited because I thought I was going to get a Ramsey inspired family photo with santa. You should see the looks that Riley Ramsey has given him in the past, but I was let down by my well mannered boys. They were more curious than anything I think. Grant was even a little shy. Oh well, maybe next year we will have screamers. (Reed on Left, Grant on Right)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Fun

So the dogs have taken a big interest in snack time. They used to be very afraid of the babies and their quick moves, but now they are getting more "Friendly" with the boys.

Reed got backed into a corner, literally, with Deetz. She is brazen when it comes to cookies.

I know for my Utah friends this snow is old news, but we still can't get over it.

AS much as we HATE dealing with it and stuff, we are still amazed when it snows for the first time (in December). It just makes it feel more like Christmas.

I've been trying to get better video of Grant walking and I think I've done it. :) Please excuse the lovie in his mouth. He has been taking that everywhere with him. Hopefully soon we'll have some video of Reed to put up.

So I have been turning on the Christmas music to listen to while we clean, cook, etc. The boys have started singing along to it and the songs on their videos. I use the term "sing" very loosely. Anyway, I was in the kitchen and caught Reed singing and dancing along to the music. So cute!

After that I they both started dancing for me. So I couldn't help but catch it on video. Grant's on the Right and Reed's on the left.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving in San Diego

We had a blast over the Thansgiving week. My sister flew up to SLC to fly back with us. What a trip. The boys were not on their best behavior during the flight. My sister sure is a good auntie. Once we were in San Diego we started planning for our different meals. We made dinner for my aunt on Wednesday. Their cousin Alexa sure was a BIG help.

She played with the boys and helped me watch them. She did such a good job that Kris and I paid her. Grant was so excited about Turkey he wore his shirt that said "gobble gobble" on it.

Not only did we have our cousins there but our friend Riley came to dinner too. She is such a mature woman. She walks AND talks, eventhough she is younger and smaller. :)

After the big meal on Wednesday, the boys helped my sister clean up.

On Thursday, Turkey Day, the boys played with Grandpa at his house while we waited for everyone. They really took and interest in my dad and loved climbing up into his lap.
The boys had their first taste of Turkey on Thursday and it wasn't a hit. Grant spit it out.

Reed looked at it and decided to feed it to the dog.
They prefer to have dum-dum lollipops. The weather was so nice they got to eat them outside.

After dinner we helped my Dad and Emmy take their Christmas card photo with all the grandkids. Afterwards Reed was relaxing in my dad's office next to Jeff. What a big boy.

On Friday, after some CRAZY mall time, we went to my other aunt's house. We had a nice ham dinner at Anita's and got to see more cousins and family. The boys put on their nice new outfits for the special occasion.

Reed was very interested in the glass boxes on the table.

Alexa was there and was as helpful as usual. We had such a good time and can't wait to go back. :)