Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They're Gett so Big!

And they're getting into everything. Grant found the stack of CDs and dumpped all of them out. But he also put them all back in the tower so I guess it didn't hurt anything. :)

The weather has been really nice. We've been able to sit outside and play. Reed likes to bounce his ball on the step.

He (Reed) also likes to do a little BBQin'. They couldn't get over how fun it was to stand up at the BBQ and hit it.

Until Grant came along and knocked it over.

We have all just enjoyed the sun and are trying to soak it up before it's too cold to sit outside.

Grant did some gardening. If you consider pulling leaves and flowers off and eating them gardening.

He (Grant) also tried to help daddy fix the AC unit by banging it over and over again.

Jeff and I went to a Halloween party as Shaggy and Daphney from Scooby Doo. The costumes came with wigs and we couldn't resist. Here's Reed at Shaggy.

And Grant as Daphney. Too cute!

It's so neat to see them with hair since they have very little. :) They are such big boys maybe hair will come soon. They just came from their check up and are 22 and 24 pounds and 30''. So big!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grangie Comes for a Visit

The boys had a blast with their "grangie" (Jeff's Mom) this weekend. She came all the way from Houston for a visit. It was so nice to see her and the boys had such a good time being spoiled by her. :) They loved cuddling up to her on the couch right before bedtime.

The day after she got here, we went to the pumpking patch. Grant didn't care for the hay. He was not happy sitting there getting his picture taken. Reed was just fine with it.

It was sunny out but chilly. The boys got to wear their new robeez boots for the first time. They really keep their feet warm.

The pumpkin patch was HUGE! But lucky for us they put all the good pumpkins up front so we didn't have to walk too far.

The boys got to pick out their own "little" pumpkins. They loved them so much that they insisted on holding them in their carseats on the way home.

While she was here, Anne bought the boys some really nice coats and vests for the winter. They look so cute in them. Grant looks like such a big boy.

Reed didn't want to be shopping but atleast he looks cute in his new vest. Thanks Grangie. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bath Time and Mohawks

The boys still love bath time. Every night they crawl up the stairs and go nuts when I turn on the tub.

Grant keeps trying to find a way to fling his leg over the edge and get in himself. They are so ready to walk it's crazy!!

Our problem used to be that it was hard to get them to sit without falling over. Now, it's that all they want to do is stand up. They know the word sit-down very well. (Reed trying to stand)

We have this fab. faucet cover that makes a waterfall. The boys love to stick their faces in it and get a mouth full of water.

Their hair is getting longer. Not long enough to cut or anyting, but longer. SO, I decided to mohawk it. It's so thin (like mommies) that it just looked funny. (Grant)

Reed would only hold still for his picture while he played with the strings on my hamper.