Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of School/VBS/Katrina

Well, it's official. The boys have completed their first year at John Wesley Child Development Program!! They are moving up to the 4 year old program next year. *tear

A look back at the first day....sigh.. Summer has started and we're off..

I've been busy using my sewing maching now that I know how to sew. THANKS Denise!!

I've been making shorts and matching shirts.

We also attended Vacation Bible School at John Wesley. I was so excited for the boys to start the tradition. I went almost every summer and loved it.

The final group sing session in the gym.

Grant and me at VBS program.

Katrina and Reed. She may have happened to come into town during VBS (3 and 1/2 hours without the boys) a coinsidence of course.

And we've been buys with swim lessons. We love our neighbor Mary Beth and her super swim sessions. :) (Reed)

He can dive down and get those rings like no other.

Wooooohooo Reed. See below for videos of each of the boys swimming.

Reunited and it feels so good!! Katrina reunited with Kona. She's still ours Katrina....don't get any ideas.

She did recognize her and was very happy to see Katrina.

Our new favorite place to beat the heat, besides the pool, is Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. It's self serve and delish!! (Reed)

G-Money and his fro-yo

Katrina and I hit up Charming Charlies. Reed tried on some glasses. Too cute!

Love you Friend!

The sewing got put on hold a few days while I healed my finger after I SEWED it. Ouch!! The needle went right through the nail and out the bottom. In this it split the tip of my finger open. No stiches but a tetanus shot.

We are headed to the lakehouse for a week to visit Michael. We will post pics when we get back!!