Friday, January 30, 2009

Jumpin' Jacks and Balloons

So my friend Krystal and I are just overwhelmed with CABIN FEVER!! It's so cold here and there's not a lot that we can do. Well, we found this place called Jumpin Jacks that has a bunch of moon bounce type stuff in it. You pay $15 for a month pass for a mom and two kids. What a deal. We can go as much as we want. (Grant with Brianna and her cousin)

So we get there and the boys were super excited. They I put Reed up in the baby bounce and he screamed.

My deardevil took to it right away. He was having such a good time he didn't want to go check out the other bounce houses.

Eventually Reed grooved in and loved it too.

Their other fav besides the baby bounce was the snail. It was a little dark inside but had a big echo. They loved screaming in it.

The bigger kids would jump and the boys would just start laughing. Too much fun!

They were so tired that they slept great that night. We're going back next week.

Our other new favorite thing is balloons. OMG. Forget toys, next birthday they're getting balloons.

We went to the shoe store last week and they gave the boys some balloons. I totally underestimated the excitment that a balloon can bring.

And these had weights at the bottom (thankfully) so no one lost one. Such cuties. They would just run around with them screaming and hitting them into eachother and everything.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Big!

Last week we went to meet up with our friends from the NICU. SO much fun. We all just can't believe how big the boys are. Jonah (far right with mom) is doing great. Whit (middle) is such a funny guy with his "hi" and "bye-bye". Who would believe that these guys spent 10+ weeks in the NICU???!!! Super FAB!

The helping never stops around here. Grant decided he needed to help me clean the windows the other day.

And what one does, the other does. So Reed joined in the fun.

What a lucky mom. Two great helpers.

So, my boys are getting a little too smart for me. Their new trick is attempting a trade. When one boy (in this case Grant) wants something from the other, he will go and get a "desirable" toy and try and entice the other (in this case Reed) into wanting it. TOO FUNNY!! What kills me is the insistence of Grant that the toy he is offering is better. What’s a mother to do?

They have also started hiding toys for eachother. Grant put a flip toy under the door mat so that it would be hidden from Reed.

COME ON!! Are you kidding me?? I thought this kind of stuff would start when they were like 3!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Weekend!!

I really really thought I was losing my mind this past week/weekend. I would be upstairs with the boys and all of the sudden I would hear water running. Come to find out that those little trouble makers have learned how to turn on the tub.

Mainly it's Reed who is the faucet runner, and Grant is the helper. Grant throws things in the tub to get wet and Reed turns it on. So of course they have been told NO about this, but like any good mommy I took pictures first. :)

Grant was such a help while we were getting ready for my dad to come visit. I had a lot of cleaning to do so Grant helped me dust.

He had a little trouble with what needed dusting and what didn't (ie, Archie)

Dad came in on Friday night and we had a nice dinner out at Red Robin. Then on Saturday Grandma Emmy came in and we went to Gardener Village to walk around and have dinner. On Sunday we went to Discovery at the Gateway, a children's museum.

Jeff and I were a little bit nervous that there wouldn't be anything for the boys to do since they are so little. We were soooooo wrong!! It was a blast. The first area is called the bee hive. It's tons of clear tubes that kids can put plastic balls in to play with. (Above) Reed had a blast. In this pic he is just putting ball after ball down the tubes.

At the bottom, Grant had fun throwing the balls from one area to the next. There are very few places that we can take them that they can walk around and this was one. They had such a good time. It was such a treat, since it's so cold out, to just let them play.

In the next room there was a ton of dramatic play stuff. We were all walking toward the area designated for children under three, and I noticed that Grant wasn't with us. I looked back and he was mowing the carpet.

In the "under 3" area there were a bunch of mats for crawling and rolling. They also have a boat to play in and a slide.

This teeter-totter was a hit, until Reed didn't want to do it anymore.

The slide was more fun for Jeff and I. It was fun to watch the boys climb up and and slide down. Reed had a really hard time with the concept of climbing up on the side with the steps. He kept trying to climb on the smooth side and it was like a baby on a tred mill. SO funny. He would start screeching because he couldn't go anywhere.

Grant on the steps, Reed's off to the next thing.

The last station we visited was the water station. It was a series of bowls and tubes at the baby end. The boys loved putting these little clear balls in the tubes, but could NOT figure out where they were going after they dropped them in. (Reed)

They really didn't make a mess like I thought they were going to. The floor was a rubber mat so they didn't slip and they had a hand drier to dry off with. TOO Fun!! Upstairs was all big kid stuff including a life-flight helicopter. We had such a great time with my dad and Emmy. We can't wait for them to come back.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And not to be out done...

We now have TWO walkers...

Reed Finally decided to quit holding on to the furniture and take some steps. I think he just started feeling like he might not fall if he tried to walk. He usually walks with his arms up like he is being held up by a robber, too cute. I'm just glad he's doing it. And since Reed is walking, Grant has started running (or fast walking) and mostly it's away from me. Oh the joys of twins.

So the boys are really into sitting in laundry baskets and big plastic tubs. We're not sure why but it makes them really really happy. They will sit in them for a good 10 min. which is a lifetime with them. It's so funny. They will stay longer if we give them a snack and/or have their movie on.

We took the boys to Target on Sunday because there's not much else to do when it's 7 degrees out (literally). We got a starbucks and just looked around. We let them boys out to walk around since they can BOTH walk now. Anyway, they really liked playing with the shoes and the shoe racks. Another favorite thing is pushing the cart. If only I were as easily entertained.

Later that same day, we found Reed feeding Deeterz. Now, for those of you who don't know Deetz, she is possibly the MOST neurotic dog on the planet. She has been terribly traumatized by the arrival of the babies. Well now it seems that she has found a way to get along with Reed. She loves to be hand fed. I used to be able to indulge this crazy behavior before the boys came home but not much since then. Now it seems Reed has taken up the role of professional dog feeder. TOO funny!

Reed feeding the dog.