Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny!!!

Spring is HERE! The boys and I have been able to play outside so much lately!! It's been wonderful. We had such nice weather last weekend we even got out the sand box. It's fun to see how differently they play with it compared to last year.

This year no one decided to eat the sand and no one decided it was more fun to throw it on the ground. They actually enjoyed pouring it in the funnels, digging, and filling buckets. What growth.

So Reed has become very imaginitive lately. He was watching Cailou, one of our favorite shows, and saw that Cailou had a rock collection. While we were at the park I gave him my old tic tac container to play with. He quickly filled it with small rocks and determined it to be his "rock collection". He likes to take it everywhere we go.

Today we had our annual community Easter egg hunt. (the boys with their sheep baskets)
Becasue it was at 9am it was still chilly outside and they decided to hold it indoors at the clubhouse.
My favorite part of the egg hunt is that it's only for kids 1-3 so we don't have to worry about the big kids being involved at all. (Grant)

Grant really really really got the concept down quickly and had like 20 eggs. Reed not so much. He kept picking one up and then looking at it and holding it. He didn't get the whole, pick up as many as you can, concept. I think it's Grant's tendency to horde that helped him out.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Since Jeff got called out to work we had some time and decided to head over to the mall while we were dressed nicely. We thought we'd peek in on the old E.B. and see what he was up to. The boys kept asking if we were also going to see Santa while we were there. They did really well and didn't cry at all. What big boys!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

Spring has Sprung!! In our area atleast (for now). While I was in San Diego I got some cool hair stuff for the boys. They have such fine hair it's hard to find a product to style with. So I think I found one that works and doesn't move (hair glue). Reed looking all "cool dude" with his spikes.

We got our bikes out of storage and have been enjoying the nice spring weather. (Reed)

He's so cute because he will coach himself while riding his bike: "pedal, pedal, pedal. It's working!!" Too cute. He kept telling me he was going to ride his bike to the store to get some more treats for Archie dog. "the red ones"

My little Grant man loves his chalk. Like most things he loves, he mainly likes to hoard them. He kept putting the chalk on the back of the power wheels and driving 10 feet. Then he'd stop, rearrange, and drive another 10 feet. Alright then. Whatever keeps you happy.

Happy St. Patrick's DAY!! I love fun spring holidays. They make an ordinary March day all fun and festive!! We spent the majority of the day at our friend Krystal's house. She had to rush off to work so we went over to help out until Laurie got there with her kiddos. (Bri, Grant, and Reed) in their Irish Green.

The weather has been VERY spring like so we took all the kids outside to play in the afternoon. Laurie has twins too and they LOVED the bikes we brought over. WE got them out of storage because we are still here and it's been nice enough to use them. (Kaden LOVED this one)

Even baby Kam was cool hangin outside in his stroller. Grant helped keep a watchful eye on him.

My boys were really happy to ride their trikes and pick up rocks.

Brayton and helping his little brother with the other power wheels. We had like 6 bikes out and it was great.


Grant has shown a real interest in potty trainning lately. He will poop on the potty if you let him watch a show while he sits and waits. I'll take it. Anything I can do to help move this process along is welcome. But he has gone several times now on the potty. REED on the other hand is still in full resistance mode. No amount of jelly beans can make him poop on the potty. Mickey underwear? NOPE. Oh well, I'll just hopefully get one done and work on the other.

So we have had this really weird winter. It's been very dry (thankfully) and the boys haven't had very many opportunities to play in it. Jeff and I think it's because we actually bought them snow gear this year and plan on moving. What other reason could there be for a lack of snow?

My point being that we get these strange dustings of like a few inches of snow. As soon as it hits we are out playing in it. They didn't even care about touching it, they just wanted to walk around and stomp in their snow boots.

They were so happy playing outside. Too cute.

It still amazes me at how little their stuff is. They have been seeming like big boys to me lately and it makes me sad (my babies are big) so just seeing their little boots on the rug made me think that even though they are getting bigger they are still (my) little guys.