Friday, April 24, 2009


I took this video a few weeks ago and forgot to upload it. It was the same weekend as Easter. Reed has started talking a lot more and I thought it was funny. I also show how long their hair was before we had it cut. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Riley, Kristin, Riley, Kristin

One of my VERY best friends came to visit last week. Kristine my BFF from high school (freshman year baby) came to see me and the boys for a few days. She brought her adorable little girl, Riley, with her. (Grant and Riley eating apples in Costco)

WE had soooooooo much fun just hanging out and being together. The routine things are more fun with a little girl around. :) (Grant, Riley, Reed)

Even reading in the kitchen is fun with Riley here.

It has helped us learn how to be sweet. Reed and Riley give a kiss. :)

We had to squeeze all three in the back. We only had one biting incident. Not nice Reed.

Holding hands on the stairs. For the most part eveyone got along nicely and was fun to hang with. The weather wasn't good so we mostly did inside things. We hope they come back when it's nice out.

On Saturday we took the boys to get haircuts. Jeff wanted to do it again himself but I'm glad we opted for professionals. (Grant)

We thought we might have to hold them in the chairs, but after they were given dum-dums they decided they could sit in the chairs like big boys.

They looked so nice afterwards we were glad we took them to have it done professionally. (Reed)

Cool dude with his cool spiked hair. (Reed)

Right after that we were off to another birthday party. Our friend Emma turned 2!! We had such a blast at her party.

The boys were the only ones there her age. They got to take a turn on the trampoline. They had such a great time.

While we were eating cake at the party, Grant feel and hurt his chin. It's more of a scratch than anything but it looks bad.

On Sunday it was sooooooo nice out we went for a walk and played in the backyard. Some of our educational handouts say to "let them play in the dirt". So we did, and Reed ate it. Another crazy but fun weekend.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Easter 09 fun

Last year's picture by the lily.

This year. Reed Left, Grant Right.

Eating Peeps from thier baskets.

Peeps are Sooooooooo good.

Our own little back yard egg hunt.

Grant finally gets it.

Going in for more.

Sharing the spoils of war with Deetz.

Fun Easter Weekend '09

We started our fun filled weekend on Friday. Jeff had the day off for Good Friday so we took the kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny.

Grant was really excited to see him until he actually had to touch him. Then he put on the brakes and didn't want to go near him. Once we gave him an egg to hold he was better and agreed to sit and have his picture taken. Not for long though.

On Saturday morning we went to our community egg hunt. The boys had such a good time.

The concept was hard at first but they got it soon enough. (Grant)

Reed protecting his loot.

The only problem was that every time they picked one up they wanted to open it and eat the candy. The concept of "put it in your basket" was a little hard.

Because it was a community hunt, we got to see our friend Brianna. :)
After the egg hunt, and a nap, we decided to dye eggs. First we colored on them with the clear crayon.
Then we put them in the dye cups.
The finished product. (Grant)

Reed says "cheese" now. :)

The next morning the E.B. came with goodies.
We got to see our goodies before church.

Me and my sweet little Grant.

I really wanted a nice picture of the boys with Jeff and then with me. Everyone looked so nice in their Easter clothes. But once we went outside, the boys could only think about playing. They refused to have thier picture taken and Jeff thought it was sooooooo funny.

Some Nice Weather

We have finally got some nice weather. We were able to go to the park the other day with my friend Krystal and her little one Bri. (Grant)

This park is HUGE with three different little mini parks around it. Soooo cool. This is the tot area, for kids 2-5.

After we played we decided to have a picnic lunch. (Bri)
Grant eating his lunch.

Reed Loved the raisins.

This is kind of random, but while we were at Chuck E Cheese's a few weeks ago, we got this "picture" taken. The funny thing is that it's one of the best pictures of all of us. I guess because it's black and white. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Off to the Aquarium

Last week my friend Krystal and I took the kiddos to the aquarium. It’s very small but tons of fun. We had a great time and so did the kids. Kids under 3 are FREE, and a year pass is only $16 for adults. What a deal. Here's Reed in front of one of the big tanks.

They also had a big boat to play on that talked about marine life on the Salt Lake.

Reed about to board.

Grant looking at a "shish". For some reason fish and shoe sound similar.

All three of the kiddos. Grant, Reed, and Brianna.

So I was upstairs doing laundry and sent the boys down. I had just gotten them up from nap and hadn't put away my lunch dishes. When I came down Reed was holding my coke about to take a sip. I then looked at Grant and asked him if he had some too. He kept shaking his head and telling me "no". But the evidence on his shirt would indicate otherwise. A word to the wise buddy, if you’re going to lie make sure there’s no evidence.

This one is mainly for Angie. We all know that Deetz is a little bit "unusual", but this is her new strange behavior. Now, when we come home she carries things around the kitchen. We had just been on a walk with the boys and found her like this when we got back. I've posted some pictures about it but here's a video. Sometimes when I get home, all the toys that the boys have left in the kitchen are in a neat pile in her bed. Very strange. But what can we expect from the most neurotic dog on the planet.