Monday, November 17, 2008

Sooooo Big!!

The boys just seem like they are growing so fast!! My friend Katrina came for a visit and brought lots of goodies. The boys got some fleece track suits that make them look like little boys!! Not babies!! (Reed)

Grant just looks like he is about to start training for the NYC marathon or something!

So we've been trying to learn how to feed ourselves again. Ever since I got back from Texas I have been determined to teach the boys. Their friend Ava feeds herself so I thought they needed to learn. Here's one of our first attempts with applesauce.

Clearly we need a lot of practice.

So we tried again. This time with pudding. It went over better, but they still insist on playing with the spoon and grabbing the pudding.

Not to mention the fact that the pudding ends up ALL over the place.

And lastly the bowl becomes a hat or a micraphone for screaming. Hopefully one day they will get it. Or Kindergarten will be very embarrassing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We have a Walker!

Grant has started taking lots of steps. We have been trying to catch it on video and haven't been too successful. This video is only a few seconds long but hopefully you get the idea. :) We'll keep trying and hopefully he will start walking for longer periods of time.

It's Getting Cold Outside!

The weather has gotten colder and we officially have to bundle up to go out for a walk. The boys don't seem to mind too much though. Their jackets taste good. :)

They got some really cute snow hats from Katrina. They look so handsome in them! (Reed)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's been a super fun week around the Beck house. We started off by trying a dum-dum for the first time. Soooo yummy.

We've been going for a walk with our friends in the neighborhood and loving it. We had to show off our new halloween outfits, so cute it's scary!!
On Thursday, we got ready to carve our pumpkins. It's sooooooo exciting.

Grant was too nervous to touch the inside but kept peeking.

And then he needed to taste it.

So cool!! Mom's not going to win any pumpkin carving awards, but we think they're good.

We put them outside just in time for halloween the next day.

The coolest pumpkins on the block.

Then on Friday we got ready to go to our friends house to trick-or-treat. Here's Mr.Grant in his costume.

Everyone got dressed up. Archie was an army man and Deetz was a bumble bee. She was too embarrassed to look up at the camera.

We went to our friends' the Carrick's for trick-or-treating fun. Here's Emma as a scary spider. She's our walking role model.

All set to go.

The after photo. The boys were so tired on the way home they passed out.

Last night they got to have some of their candy after dinner. Can you say gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. (Reed)
Grant was a little better about getting it into his mouth as opposed to all over his face. :)