Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Boys do Big Boy Things...

The boys have really gotten good at sitting. They don't really need the pillow, but it's a softer landing when they topple over. (Grant)

They are really entertained by the noises that the caterpillar makes.

They have also moved into their new big boy car seats. Reed moved first.

He was so excited to be able to see out the window and look around. Now the wagon is rockin' two cowmooflauge print car seats.

Sharing is caring...

The dogs have discovered that I give the boys food. I give them little cereal stars to snack on. The dog have decided they like little cereal stars and wait for the babies to share. Sometimes they just help themselves.

Archie waits for Reed to share with him.


Jeff and I took the boys to Chili's the other day. It was a last minute trip and we were a little unprepared. So we gave them some crackers to keep them happy. Who knew they could eat crackers. Reed loved chewing on them but didn't like the salt.

He was a little unsure of what to do.

Grant knew he liked them right away. What a mess. Half the cracker ended up on the floor or on their clothes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Double Trouble

The boys can actually sit in the shopping cart now. I went to Costco ALONE the other day. They love to look around and flirt. You would not believe how many people stop us to ask if they are twins.

Finger Foods

The boys have started eating finger foods. They loved their cereal puffs. Only about 30% actually make it to their mouth. The dogs love the fact that about 1/2 end up on the floor. (Reed)

Jeff thinks they are too big and insists on cutting each piece in half. (Grant)

Best Buds

The boys had a rough week a few weeks ago. They both have two bottom teeth now. They were really hard to handle for about a week during the brunt of the teething. They would sit on the bed and watch their movie and play with their toys.

The weather was really nice for about a week. We spent last Saturday outside. We went for a walk and sat in the backyard. Reed loved having his feet in the grass.

The both had such a good time just being out in the fresh air. We keep telling them that the rest of the country has weather like this more often.

Go Broncos!

Our Favorite Friend Katrina brought the boys some bronco's outfits from Denver. The boys love to show their team spirit. (Reed left Grant Right, Archie background)

Reed is getting really good at sitting up by himself.