Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Fun!!

The past 6 weeks have been CRAZY busy!! We ended Jan. with a trip to the dentist. This was the first time the boys had their teeth cleaned. We've been to the dentist before but have always just had our teeth looked at and deemed in good condition.

I was so proud of both the boys. They did a great job and didn't cry or bite. The dentist did say that we needed to stop using our pacifiers at night/nap because they were starting to affect their bite. So that afternoon we stopped cold turkey and haven't looked back!

The rest of Jan. and beginning of Feb. have been spent with sick boys!! They have gotten one thing after another! Grant had a cold which lead to a sinus infection which lead to an adverse reaction to amoxicillin!! Here he is recuperating on the couch with nurse Archie.

After Grant was almost better Reed came down with RSV!! Not life threatening at this age but did require us to use a nebulizer. And of course after he had it, Grant had it, then Mommy and Daddy. ARGH!

While Grant was down with his round of RSV, daddy and Reed went to the lake. SO mommy and Grant had a nice breakfast out at IHOP.

It was really neat to have only one boy. Their behavior is better (but different) and they were so fun!! No fighting goes a long way! Grant with his smiley face pancakes.

After/during all the illness we've had different cold fronts come through. This is funny to Jeff and I because of our three years in Utah. They take it seriously here and remind you to wrap your pipes, cover your bushes, and hunker down!! ARCTIC BLAST!!

Best part about the "arctic blasts" is the fires that we make at night. Puppy loves her some fire place time. :)

The worst part of them is that they had to close schools and roads because of it. But lucky for us that meant that Lacey and Ian came to spend the day with us. Whitney couldn't drive into work but needed to work in a quiet house. So Lacey braved the roads and drove up to our house with Ian. :) Ian and I watched Vampire Diaries together. He's a big fan.

In true Texas form the next weekend was sunny and 70 degrees. Jeff headed down to Whit's house to hang so that I could set up for the John Wesley Child Development Program 2nd Annual Silent Auction. I somehow managed to land myself as Chair and had a LOT to do the day before it started. Here are the cousins hanging before a walk in the park with all the dogs.

The last day of the auction was Mom's and Muffins day at JW. It was a lot of fun to have some muffins with my guys. :) Don't they look thrilled?

Part of the auction was individual framed art by each child. Here's Grant's (right) and Reed's (left). Jeff has offered to hang them in his office.

This brings us to Valentine's DAY!!! It's one of my favorite days of the year. I love hearts, pink, red and purple. It's a great day. I started by making the boys heart shaped pancakes. I thought I had a heart shaped cookie cutter but didn't so I had to trim them into a heart shape.

My sweet Valentine's. I had them wear their new shirts that I MADE!! It only took a few hours but I think they look good.

My Reed Valentine.

Brother love.

The boys had a party in their classes for Valentine's day and got lots of Valentines from their friends. So we got to go through it all when they got home. Grant with all his love notes and candy.

Reed asking for the millionth piece of candy.

I got the boys a Valentine's balloon for our special dinner with daddy.

And all of our Valentine cards for each other.

For dinner we ordered a heart shaped pizza! It was delicious.

I guess great minds really do think alike. Jeff and I got each other the exact same card. What are the odds?

And for dessert we had chocolate dipped strawberries. It was a fun night.

Since I never check my mail I didn't get my Valentines cards from Katrina until the next day!! LOVED my Twilight/Eclipse talking card. Thanks friend.

The boys got cards from Grandpa and Emmy. They also had cards from Katrina. They had stickers in them which quickly got ripped out and stuck all over their shirts.

Reed holding his Buzz Lightyear card and wearing his stickers from Katrina.

Reed doing push-ups in the office. I'll try and get a video because it's really funny.

On Thursday we headed to the zoo with mom's group. Hedgehog.

We got to pet her.

Grant petting her. Ms. Prickles

The Parana tank.

It was feeding time.

All of the mom's group kiddos. It's so hard to get that many kids looking in the right direction!!

The boys with a couple of friends. The red sign may or may not say "don't climb on the fence".

But who could say no to those faces?!?!

Yesterday we went up to Brenham for Granny's 83rd birthday!! Karen was nice enough to host us and to make so delicious food for us.

Lacey and Ian with the birthday girl.

She doesn't look a day over 75!!

Jeff and I with the birthday girl.

Ian the party Animal.

Granny about the make a wish.

We hope she wished for many more birthdays!

We decided to get the aerogarden going again. Right now we are in the germination phase with our herbs. We will see how it goes. Last time we had great success.

Puppy loves the cool weather. She also loves to run in it. It's funny.