Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jeff's Birthday and Lake Tahoe

Last Saturday we celebrated Jeff's 29th birthday!! His last birthday in his 20s. :)

We had a nice meal of steak fajitas and queso. Then we sang "Happy Birthday". It was uneventful, just the way he likes it. Maybe he'll let us have a big bash for his 30th next year.

After cake, Reed decided he needed to wear Jeff's jacket.

It was so big it looked like he was floating when he walked. He looked like some sort of Star Wars character.

On Tuesday Katrina and I left for Lake Tahoe with the boys. Our first stop on the 8 hour drive was at Burger King in Elko Nevada for breakfast. We left at 4:30 am and got there around 6 am. It was a long day but the boys did well.

Grant was so cute reading his book while talking on the cell phone.

A few hours into the drive (after they had slept) Reed informed me that he was "all done car".

Once we got there, the party started. Literally. My wonderful sister brought the boys some toys for their birthday.

Justin helping his cousin with his new toy.
We had such a great time playing in the pools and riding the Trukee river (stay tuned for those pics). It was so nice to be in the crisp mountain air with all the wildlife around us. On our way to dinner on Thursday night we ran across a bunny. (he's in the background) The boys were soooooo excited. They kept trying to get close enough to pet him.

A couple of nights after dinner we made 'smores. The hotel has a big fire pit so we just brought our supplies. It was fun for the kids and the adults. (me with Lars and Ann)

The kids had a great and messy time. (Katherine, Alexa, Justin)
It was so funny to see how differently they like their treats. Some wanted no chocolate, or no cracker. (Finn-Erik and Justin)

Katrina and Grant waiting for the 'smores.

On Friday we went down to the beach. Reed REALLY didn't care for the sand at first.

Grant didn't mind at all and started throwing it in the water. He was entertained for an hour just throwing it.

Then Emmy found some tools and buckets and they were sooooooo happy. The water was cold but they didn't mind at all.

Alexa and Justin putting their toes in.

We had 'smores again on Friday night (before we left early Saturday) and uncle Lars had some fun with Grant. Grant was singing some old rap songs with his "OG" hat on.

What a blast we had. Hopefully Jeff can pass the bar and join us next year. Thanks again Dad and Emmy. WE had a wonderful time. (I'll post the pics of our family trip down the Truckee river as soon as I get them developed. Seriously who actually develops pics these days. The only down side to a waterproof camera.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July!! We had a nice weekend with the boys for the 4th. We didn't do a lot, but we had a good time. On Friday, Jeff came home with some new toys (see video at bottom) and on Saturday we went to the local fair. (Grant in his 4th t-shirt)

Reed was ready to go to the fair. He had his cool dude glasses on.

We had a blast at the fair. They had a petting zoo that was FREE. The boys were just thrilled with the sheep and cows and pigs. (Reed)

This poor momma pig had like 10 babies. She was doing her part to nurse them, but ouch, they were not gentle. The boys kept trying to reach in and be "'soft" but there was a reason for the fence.

Grant kept saying "'moooooo" for the sheep. We kept correcting him but he didn't want to hear it. They were so funny. They really wanted to touch the animals, but as soon as they would turn towrds the babies they would back up. They were really nice to the sheep and kept talking about how the sheep and goats were "eating grass".
We also took them on a few rides. It was so hot and we were ready to go after a short amount of time. We did manage to eat a funnel cake first though. Who goes the the fair and doesn't have a funnel cake!
I gave the boys some ravioli for lunch on Sunday. They really liked it but Grant got it all over his face. He kept reminding me of the oompa loompas from Willie Wanka. His skin was so orange.

Jeff works with a really nice guy named Matt. Matt has two boys older than our boys. SO, we were the lucky recipients of some "new to us" toys. You would have thought it was Christmas in July. The boys are just over the moon over their new toys. He gave us a rocking horse (that makes noise) and a basketball hoop and a bunch of really cool cars. We are so greatful to Matt for sharing with us. Thankfully the boys didn't mide taking turns because the non-rider got to play basketball. :)

I have been trying to get a video of the boys playing "catch" and think I have gotten a good one. They are so funny because neither one actually catches the ball. They just play, "toss it close to the other guy". I bet they'll get better in the future.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Doctors and Bikes!

It's been a busy week here in Utah. This week started with the boys going to their 2 year check up, now that they are offically two years old. Dr. Zarbock said that they look GREAT! He can't believe that they started so little. So many things can have lasting effects and the boys look healthy and normal. We had to go see him in our cool "2" shirts, just to let everyone know that we're big boys now. He also said that after two years we don't adjust for age any more. So no more "they're 24 months but act like 22 months". They are just 2!!

In the morning before we went to our check up, Grant and I went to another check up. It's been a little more than a month since he got his ear tubes. So we were off to Primary Children's Hospital to have his hearing tested and his ears checked by his ENT. He did GREAT there also and got a clean/clear bill of health. His hearing is perfect now and his tubes look good.

So everyone who doesn't have twins tells me how lucky I am that I have twins. "Then they can play together". Well, up until now this has NOT been the case. They would fight A LOT but not play. So the time has finally come. They have started to play together. It started a few days ago when they started throwing a ball back and forth.

It was funny to watch because neither one can catch the ball. But still, they kept eachother interested in the game.

Then to my shock and amazement, they did it again this morning. They started pushing their Mickey Mouse car back and forth to eachother. This didn't last as long (so I only got one picture) but it was still fun to see them playing. I guess this is the pay off of all the fighting and double duty I have done so far. But please, don't ever tell a mom with newborn or little twins that she's lucky because they must play together.

Here are the long awaited tricycle pictures. (Reed)

At first he was trying to use the peddles but changed to pushing with his feet.

Grant is a lot better at it. He can "kick" into some sort of motion. He does especially well if I have given him a little push.

But after a few minutes he always starts pushing with his feet.

They still haven't gotten the whole "steering" thing down, so they usually go in a circle.

Then they both usually end up off the bike pushing it around the driveway. But whatever keeps them busy, happy, and burning energy is fine with me. (Thanks again Grandpa and Grangie)